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  1. BitTorrent Sync on my Synology NAS sync's the folders I have connected just fine but recently I have been unable to login to the user interface when I access the web interface of my synology diskstation. I have tried to ssh in to check the config file but the ssh program tells me "unknown user btsync" Anyone know how I can get access to my BTSnyc user interface? Thanks, Joel
  2. OK, let me preface by saying I'm a newby when it comes to linux but I couldn't get the instructions in the previous posts to work so I figured I'd try a different way... and it worked. Asumption: You have installed the BTSync package via the SynoCommunity. You have enabled SSH access and a SSH program Instructions for updating to version x.x.x (windows based instructions): 1. Download the latest version for your system, for me it was "btsync_arm-1.1.48.tar.gz" (I have a 212j) 2. Use 7zip to unpack the .gz and then use it again to unpack the .tar 3. Take the resulting btsync file and copy it to a directory on your DiskStation 4. Go into the Package Center and stop the BitTorrent Sync package 5. Use SSH client to log in as root using your admin password 6. use the cp (copy) command to copy the new btsync file to the appropriate directory (it will overwrite) 6.1. this is what I used: cp /volume1/homes/btsync /usr/local/btsync/bin/ (change the "homes" directory to the save location you used) 6.2. you can use the cd (change directory) and dir (list directory contents) commands to check that you have the appropriate folder paths 7. check your work by typing cd /usr/local/btsync/bin/ and then type dir and hit enter (the btsync file should show an updated file date 8. Restart your DiskStation 9. Restart the BitTorrent Sync package 10. Done. My BitTorrent sync immediately started syncing all of the files that were waiting and it now shows the appropriate version number. Please let me know if you have any questions.