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  1. Hi all, I've got a HEAP of folders syncing beautifully between many machine, and I'd like to add API functionality to one machine for monitoring / automated adding of folders. By the looks of it, I need to: do a `btsync --dump-sample-config` manually re-add all 438 shared folders in the JSON structure, Add the storage location to switch on the API. This isn't really going to work. is there any way I can run a `btsync --dump-running-config` instead? Please say yes. Pleeeeease... (Or, is there a way of adding the required flag to the '.sync/settings.dat' ?) Nige.
  2. Hi All, I'm tinkering with btsync for a few scenarios: I do some animations with Blender, and using btsync on the render nodes means that when a job is submitted to the master node, the slaves no longer have to pull their work files from the single master - as each slave obtains part of the work files, it automatically shares it with the other slaves. (Means I didn't have to put a 10Gb NIC in the master...) I'm also tinkering with syncing a TrueCrypt volume across several machines. This is yielding some headaches, as once a change is made, btsync looks like it has to transfer the entire volume. I guess this is because the checksum of the encrypted volume has changed, and any sliding window-based checksumming would also think that each and every block has changed? Also, on the destination machines, the volume file is appended with the '.~sync', which never disappears. It's looking promising, though!! Nige.