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  1. @anses It looks like the screenshot shows a share dialog for Advanced Folder. Is it so? Keys are not supported for Advanced Folders by architecture.
  2. Nested folders are supported, but there are few rules: - parent or child folder should not be in Selective Sync mode - parent and child folder should have the same permission level (RW) - you can't add folder by link as nested folder, because Sync does not know link permissions level until it is approved In other cases nested folders should work fine.
  3. Yes it should work without any issues, but I would recommend you to backup your settings before making such upgrade (just make a copy of %appdata%\BitTorrent Sync)
  4. Hi David, You do not need to uninstall 1.4. 2.x will automatically upgrade your old settings. Also it will backup your old settings just in case you will want to back to 1.4 for some reason.
  5. Hi, We have received several complaints about Upgrade Error on mac. We are looking at it. If you want to update to 2.2.5 you can do it manually: 1) quit current running BitTorrent Sync instance 2) download the the latest version from 3) open downloaded dmg file 4) drug-n-drop BitTorrent Sync to Application directory 5) run BitTorrent Sync again
  6. Hi, If I understand you correctly, you should be able to do that with the current BitTorrent Sync version: you need to create a new sync folder using the path from USB device on one pc, copy RW folder key and enter it on another pc with selecting the same folder from USB device(if it asks to reset ownership just click yes). After that if u plug the USB to any of these 2 PCs btsync will automatically detect the folder and sync it. BUT I do not recommend to use this way, BitTorrent Sync stores information about files locally and adding the same physical folder to several instances of BitTorren
  7. To change the identity you can go to My Devices, select the current device and press "Unlink this device button" then Sync will ask you to create a new Identity or enter the secret for already existing one. We know that it is not clear, we will fix it in future releases
  8. This is a known warning, you could ignore it. We will double-check why "plugin com.bittorrent.Sync.FinderExtension invalidated" happens. But these are not reasons of the hang. Could you please reproduce the issue and create a sample of BitTorrent Sync process using Activity Monitor? Also could you please send us a log file from ~/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/sync.log. You can send us the files by -> Contact Sync Support -> Fill the form(please mention that the files are for Anton)
  9. Hi guys, Do you use the latest version of BitTorrent Sync? Version 2.2.4 contains some fixes related to Mac OS 10.11 compatibility. You can download it from here: If the issue is reproduced please try to run BitTorrent Sync from terminal, just type "/Applications/BitTorrent\\ Sync" in Terminal window and check if there is any errors in the output.
  10. Hi, thanks for reporting an issue. Looks like the issue is related to compatibility with Mac Os El Capitan with "Automatically hide and show the menu bar" system preference. Have you updated the OS's recently? We will fix an issue in next builds.