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  1. Helen, just out of interest, is a fix for this behaviour among the changes for version 1.4?
  3. I've been enjoying lastpass for the last few months, and I'm considering moving to a btsync-keepass solution too.
  4. Interesting idea. Here's some feedback: - Typo in 4.C: it says 'Add the account account to file following the specification' - I assume you mean invite account or something? - I think the fact that you have to give writable access to a share (the invite folder) is a risk; as BTSync currently is, I don't think there's a way to stop it from being abused; what would stop an evil-doer from storing 100gig there? It could either be a ddos on diskspace or bandwidth. - I understand that the problem of an evil person deleting files from there can to a certain extend be mitigated sinc
  5. Probably they optimized something, or added a new feature, which requires emulation to function properly on older ARM cpu's.
  6. I do this and it seems to work fine (win 7, x64) - I particularly use this to sync my save games between several machines, works like a charm so far! And doing it this way saves me from having to make a shared folder for each game (and then adding it at BOTH the other machine AND the backup server I use).
  7. I see your point, and agree that it probably won't benefit the majority of the bt sync users. However, I am of the opinion that it will do more good than bad to have these settings in there: it will help users who do sync there entire drive, and it will do nothing for people who don't. Also, the majority of users also won't be using OSX, and yet there are by default specific entries for osx, too. But: I'm happy to agree to disagree, just expressing my personal opinion.
  8. I disagree; I think that you nearly NEVER want to sync those files, so I think those files SHOULD be part of the general set of files NOT to sync. In what use case WOULD it make sense to sync these files across machines or back them up with the purpose to restore them?
  9. Where did you get 1.1.33? I am CURRENTLY installing 1.1.28 from the play store? Ow, and thanks a lot for your in-depth tests!
  10. Just regarding the transfer speeds, is it possible that the servers connected through the relay server? Have you tried disabling that option?
  11. Great! This is the single feature I was missing! Can't wait to have this! Amazing, thank you!