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  1. I, too, would really like this feature. Even the hack---allowing me to sync subfolders which are explicitly .SyncIgnore'd in a larger synced folder---would be a good first step for those of us who are desperate. That's simply a matter of updating the logic that verifies that a folder is not a subfolder of a synced folder: just add an additional check to see if the folder is .SyncIgnore'd and allow it if so. I bet it wouldn't be more than two lines of code. For what it's worth, I would be happy to hack on C or Perl code if BTSync was written in either, and open-source. But alas, I simply must wait for the developers to figure it out on their own. Obviously they do great work, but this is an itch I'd love to scratch, and can't. :-(
  2. I would like the desktop and the Android versions to allow for other programs to connect without forcing the user to manually add folders through the BitTorrent Sync interfaces. First, a Sync success story: I wrote my own time-management software, originally just a desktop application. All of the application data storage is in simple text files, so it was easy as pie to write an Android application in Perl (SL4A ftw) to view my current tasks, or even update them. I wanted to keep the phone and desktop data in sync, I wanted my phone to have access to the data even if I drop out of cell phone coverage, and I didn't want to write my own data synchronization app or service. Thanks to Sync, get this for free. If I make my desktop and SL4A apps save their state in the text files (which they already do), I can leave all of the data synchronization to Sync. The apps don't talk directly so I don't get realtime synchronization, but I don't need realtime synchronization: I just need a system so that if I modify something on my computer, I can easily view it on my phone 10 seconds later, and neither application has to provide a complicated data exchange service. BT Sync is perfect for this. Now for the API part. I had to set this up manually. I had to open Sync on my computer and start sharing the folder. Then I had to go to my phone and create a new folder, and link it to the computer's folder. It wasn't hard, but ideally btsync would provide some sort of interface so I could invoke this setup within my own application. My desktop planning software could contact btsync and say, "btsync, add $this_folder" and then "btsync, flash the QR code for $this_folder." Or, "btsync, add $this_folder and give me a QR image (or a secret)" and leave the display of the QR or sharing of the secret to the software. Whether it's better to leave the QR display to me, or have it clearly and prominently displayed as BitTorrent, I leave up to the BitTorrent devs. My Android planning software could contact its Android btsync service and say "Please run 'Add sync folder' for $this_folder", which would pull up the Android Sync "Add sync folder" screen with the folder already chosen, and would return to my app when the user hits "Done". (Then, because I'm lame, it would probably just say, "All set up! Please wait for a few minutes as BitTorrent Sync synchronizes your data." I suppose I could do better if I could query the status of the sync and show a display bar to the user. But really, that sort of thing is secondary in my mind.) In short, an API to let programs invoke btsync to set up a share would be really nice.