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  1. yes i did i had to install python tools to be able to use add-apt-repository but using the string that was posted it returned a 404 error i havent had a chance to check the repositry that i found as a power surege killed my motherboard but as far as i unerstand the way there layed out the repository gives me a 404 using the repo that was in the sources.list file that add-apt-repository installed for me
  2. it helps to check the address of the file before atempting to use apt-get opening the browser to this address there is a release there for lucid if you look carfully at the previusly posted comment you will see several errors in the URL i have it fixed now and works great using the new link
  3. Tux the system architectur is an I386 Tyan mobo with 2 Xeon CPUs each at 1.3Ghz its an intel chipset nothing out of the ordinary but no luck on getting apt-get to install packages I have also tried on an Intel x64 system and booth AMD x86 & x64 I don't think it will be a problem after upgrading to precise but I'm waiting on a few things to update before I switch if you have any pointers that would be helpfull send them my way also just to varify my sources.list file could you post the repo lines I need? It's alwways the little things that kill my servers thanks again for the help android and Microsoft variants work awesome keep up the good work how long till the iOS release is ready?
  4. Is there a repo available for lucid lynx? I'm running several headless servers across 3 different states and it would be nice to use apt-get Ign lucid/main Packages Get:3 lucid/main Packages [904B] Ign lucid/main Packages Err lucid/main Packages 404 Not Found Fetched 15.2kB in 1s (10.5kB/s) W: Failed to fetch /binary-i386/Packages.gz 404 Not Found E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones u sed instead. admiral@USSDallas:~$ This is what lucid returns when running apt-get update and install if at all possible a repo would be nice at the very least I could set one up but don't know how