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  1. FYI, I swapped in the 1.3.86 btsync binary in for btsync-core and btsync-gui is working with it perfectly. Fixed the problems leaking filehandle issue I was seeing with 1.3.80. First time using the gui package over the user package and I really dig it. Thank you! BTW, would be cool if the ~/.btsync local store could be moved to .local/share/btsync/ . Totally a personal preference though and I understand if it won't work or mess up the current implementation. Thanks for the great front-end! Ubuntu x64 13.10
  2. I tested 1.3.86 this morning and everything appears back to normal. Did a full sync of a 17GB share from scratch. It was bombing with 1.3.80 after just a few minutes with the same share. Thanks for the update!
  3. Not sure where you grab it offically, can't seem to find a link on the website to let you get at past versions. I saved a copy of mine before upgrading. It is the linux x64 version. [link removed]
  4. I'm also experiencing this problem. I had one folder with 17.2 GB and around 12,000 files that was syncing fine until I updated to 1.3.80. All of a sudden I get the " Check: Too many open files" and the webUI shows 'Don't have permissions to write to the Selected folder'. Running ubuntu 64 13.10. I reverted back to 1.3.77 and everything is working fine again. 1.3.80 eventually freezes up completely.
  5. Thanks for the packages. Will make rolling this out on other machines much easier for everyone! One comment, would you consider making the config and local btsync cache locations XDG based for the desktop package? ie ~/.config/ instead of ~/ Thanks again!