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  1. I am confused as to the purpose of the newly created BT Sync folder w v 2.0. In BTS 1.4 you simply designated folders to sync on each machine and it did just that. PERFECT! With the 2.0 upgrade this new folder is created and it looks like files are placed there (duplicated?). I've read that 2.0 can be configured to work is 1.4 by designating a folder as "disconnected." That terminology makes no sense to me. I want the folder to be synced (assuming this requires "connection"). I'm clearly having a problem with terminology. What are the advantages to all these changes?
  2. I have not solved using BT Sync directly as I think BTSync also needs to be running on the server side (per 12345lamacun). What I have done is to use another sync program (SynKit; Mac) that will sync my local drive with the network automatically and daily. Then BTSync handles the immediate synchronization across all of the "local" drives. If I need to be sure that a file is synced immediately I have SynKit do a manual update and the BT is automatic. Maybe not the best system, but that is what I came up with. Would be happy to hear other possibilities.
  3. Using Mac 10.8.4. Want to sync a folder on my local HD with a folder on my corporate network connected via smb. I added the file path and generated a code for the local file. I then added the path to the networked folder and used the code. I get an error that says, "selected folder is already added to BitTorrent Sync. How can I sync these two folders?