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  1. Hey, I updated to version 1.4.83 on Linux host A some days ago. Windows 8 Client A is 1.4.83 since I reinstalled the OS some days ago. After updating the server, it says "0 kb" size for an encrypted folder F, which was created with keys (secrets at that time) from btsync api and used by Client A and Client B without problems for about a month. Because the forums did not have an answer to this problem, I decieded to disconnect the folder and add it again. I took the key, which was showed in Client As GUI as 'enrypted key', in which I had entered the read-write key for Folder F. The server s
  2. I dont understand why this is important for you?
  3. Hey, "storage_path" : "C:/BTSync" works, while "storage_path" : "C:\BTSync" is not working. So its just about using slash or backslash.
  4. Yes, there is a tracker and a relay server. You can configure it in the settings of each folder. For setting up your own tracker server have a lookt at this thread.
  5. Until now, this is not possible. But maybe this is an option: Sync your data with your web host. Install Owncloud (or whatever) and create a sharing link for her.
  6. Usally BT Sync should establish the connection through lan automatically. But you can disable "Use NAT UPnP port mapping" under "Preferences" and in the folder preferences you can disable "use relay server", "use tracker server" and "search dht network".
  7. Just want to mention, that your download-windows on http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html is not linking to the newest version ... (at least linux).
  8. The files are only stored on your devices. that is the advantage we see here. there is no company which has access to your data. Of cause you can use a cable or whatever. nobody said, that this here is a completely new idea. But it is very easy, works on many platforms, is peer to peer - so there can be more hosts from where you download the files at the same time. Maybe you should read information on http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html
  9. 1) You choose one folder on every device. These folders (with the same secret) are synced. So if you want to sync a folder from your laptop to your android phone, add a sync folder on your laptop and then create an (empty) folder on your phone. After that, add this folder with the secret from your laptop. 2) your files are synced, which means, that they are copied to both devices.
  10. I think "Search LAN" is disabled by default on linux. You can enable / disable it for each folder after clicking the settings-icon.