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  1. I am trying to use Android sync on my lollipop s5. I cannot add a sync folder to my device storage. When I try and link an existing folder, it gives me the warning that the directory isn't empty, and won't let me past that dialog box when I click ok. When I try and add an empty folder to sync to, it allows it, but the folder doesn't show up in the list of sync folders. I had no issues with 1.4
  2. I'll look too. I refuse to re-learn a product that was working fine and now is too much work to figure out - and pay for it!
  3. What a mess. My 1.4 was working well, but 2.0 has me wasting my time. Nothing works now. Re-establishing connections is impossible again. I can't specify the folders as before. It keeps pointing to my ext sd card, which I don't want to use everytime. I wish my phone didn't auto-update the app. Updates are the bain of users' existence. Now I'm going to go back to manually syncing until 2.1 comes out.
  4. How do I add a specific folder on my external SD card on my android kitkat phone? I cannot click on the add folder icon. I can click on the ? icon to tell me how to do it. All that I can do is scan a QR code. It won't let me change the specific folder on my phone. Is this because of kitkat's treatment of directories on the extSD card?
  5. Why is this getting more complex with each update? I am trying to re-establish syncing with my android device. When I go to add a folder on my s5, it immediately launches the camera and starts looking for a QR code. Nowhere can I choose the folder after scanning the QR code - it defaults to the device storage, which i DO NOT want. Why is this new version causing such unintuitive headaches? 1.3 was so much smoother. Somehow I got it working. I am puzzled how difficult it is to switch folders.
  6. After re-installing windows a few times, I really would like a place that I can export my settings to, including all the keys. It's a real hassle re-doing all the keys. Also, I need a way to see what directories are being synced on my android device. I can't figure that out once I've set the folders up. The only solution is to delete them and start over.