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  1. Check that is accessible from your environment
  2. Here is an answer from MS: Link with "how-to"
  3. Something like this (from my environment): 1) Linux FILE file 2) another Linux receives FILE file 3) a Windows machine then receives FILE file.conflict another file from linux will create a file.conflict.2
  4. Even Boeing 747 can't kill a good server In all modern operating systems all frequent read\write operations on HDD are cached in computer RAM. And each HDD has internal cache too! So don't worry about "rescan operations". Windows Explorer doing this always for a lot of system files right after powering on the pc. ‚Äč
  5. Have you checked your ssh socks5 with other applications? Try to test with curl. Here is an example: curl --socks5 Good luck
  6. I think that in output of "ldd btsync" you will find that some libs are missing. May help: 1. "pidof btsync" 2. "export `cat /proc/PIDOF_VALUE/environ | strings | grep LD_LIBRARY_PATH`"
  7. As i understand - first system is NAS, and second system is NAS too? CPU usage depends from: CPU architecture, number of cores, number of supported instructions (SSE, AES) etc.
  8. What device do you use? Custom ROM?
  9. This happens because chkconfig reads the startup script named btsync and can't find the line which starts with "# chkconfig:". Example: #! /bin/sh # /etc/init.d/btsync # chkconfig: 2345 80 05 Numbers after "# chkconfig" provides information about set of levels on which daemon should run and start\kill priorities that should be used. Hope this will help
  10. Move your mouse over the folder icon, wait 1 second, absolute path to folder will be displayed in tooltip
  11. Out of inotify watches can be a reason. Read more here
  12. You can disable rescan by setting parameter "folder_rescan_interval" to 0. It some cases it may help.
  13. Remove debug.txt from storage_path folder (.sync) and restart app
  14. find / -name ".sync" -type d -exec rm -rf {} \; - will find and remove all .sync folders; find / -name "btsync" -type f -exec rm -rf {} \; - will find and remove all files with name btsync;
  15. Try an official build first. Those build from PPA are not managed by BitTorrent and i can definitely say that ORIGINAL PACKAGE of Bittorrent Sync is 100% working in LAN. 1. Download; 2. Unpack; 3. Run. No need to add ppa, no need to use apt - official build much more easy to use than any 3rd-party. Be smart.
  16. 1. Remove folder in %appdata% 2. Remove folder in Program Files.
  17. Hi man! As i can see you can't uninstall an application from mac Nobody can help you if you didn't provide steps for reproduction for btsync community and tech support or even describe your problem. Any program may not respond due to specific conditions in any operating system. Everything is logical and has solutions. Always. Don't panic and describe your problem here step by step I suppose that you: 1. Downloaded btsync.dmg; 2. Opened dmg file and moved app to Applications folder on your mac; 3. Opened btsync and..? Please continue from step 3 and we will help you btw: Sorry dude, but even google has a lot of answers:) - app uninstall - app is not responding Good luck!
  18. Good project, thanks. I've used it on osx 2 hours with 3 clients and got crash TypeError: Cannot call method 'toString' of undefined at SyncServer.module.exports.SyncServer.handlePacket (/Users/user/Downloads/ at SyncServer.module.exports.SyncServer.onMessage (/Users/user/Downloads/ at Socket.<anonymous> (/Users/user/Downloads/ at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:98:17) at UDP.onMessage (dgram.js:437:8) Any suggestions?Thanks.
  19. I'm thinking about folder Resaves. Is it means that you added all your photos to batch processor in editor like Photoshop or any other image converter? Can you check what processes running in background and watching your Pictures library which have you added into btsync? Maybe some kind of application like Sony Picture Browser doing scanning of photo library for changes (reading file attributes for example) every 5 min. and thereby locking an access to file for other applications.
  20. Open Terminal, go to folder with file and type: touch file_name
  21. You should ask tuxpoldo directly because he is a maintainer of his own repository with his own understanding of "How it should work (pre-install, post-install scripts i think)"... Error while adding folder. Selected folder is already added: Means that one folder is added to config file twice. Looks like pre-install or post-install script causing this. I'm using official package of btsync and never seen such errors
  22. Btsync can use "a lot" of energy (according to apple energy monitor) when indexing new files. I've added 32 Gb folder with 5 000 files: Energy consumption of btsync after indexing is about 2.0. Even skype uses 8.0. I'm happy