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  1. I'll be setting this up shortly, thanks for the lead!
  2. Forgive me if this has been covered before, but search wouldn't let me search for three-letter-terms I have some very cool application ideas for Sync, but they require the ability to interact with sync from other programs (you might call this an API, but a rich console application could work just as well). In particular, I need the ability to enumerate the files in a shared folder without having to synchronize the entire folder contents locally (this shouldn't be unreasonable since the Android app can do this, correct?). I also need the ability to create and revoke shares and secrets from an
  3. Thanks for confirming that @GreatMarco!
  4. I'd like to setup a server that receives everything that I share via Sync so that in the event that I loose/delete the data from my laptop, etc., I have a backup. I *think* the way to do this is to use the read-only secret to setup the share on the server, but if I do that and then delete the files on the source machine, will they be deleted at the server as well?