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  1. Thanks RomanZ, u got the message, yes, newer files are still (reproducable) overwritten. (My Operating Systems are: Win7: Windows7 64Bit newest Hotfixes (16GB RAM) Mac: MacBookPro w/ Mavericks OSX 10.9.4. (8GB RAM) Linux: Synology NAS DS1813+ (4GB RAM) )
  2. @RomanZ: ReThinking what u've initially said about the *.db-wal / *.db-shm files, and testing the scenario again the last night, the problem still occurs. (This time, I gave btsync on the Win7 and Linux enough time to write their db-files to the disk, and checked for "ungracefully files: no files, beside the ones from 2013, I mentioned in my post above.) It seems not a matter of interrupting btsync while shutting down the computers, but more a problem with the number of files/folders to catch up, when btsync is restarting. (well, actually, it was obvious to me before, but the *.db-wal / *.d
  3. The wal&shm files are present when btsync crashed, of course. They are removed (or renewed) every time, btsync starts. When btsync runs for some days and I quit it normally (i.e. w/o rebooting) the files you mentioned are not present, but I found some *.db / *.db-wal / *.db-shm files dated early 2013. Can I safely delete them? Anyways, it seems obvious, that btsync cannot write its files decently to the SSD, as a course of the problem, but knowing abot the reason, does not solve the problem :-)
  4. To reproduce such a szenario, this works for me *all the time* without an exception: (I reference on btsync 1.3 here, but the problem still exists in 1.4!) R/W share with about >300.000 files, spread in about 15.000 folders on a Win7 NTFS Harddrive (or SSD). (about 100GB in size) R/W Share on a linux NAS for that folder. (my exact data: 102.957.787.521 Bytes in 309.654 files, spread on 15.384 folders) Both shares (Win/Linux) are synced and identical. (Important: u need to have other large R/W or R/O shares configured in btsync too. In Win7 to Linux. So btsync has a lot of work to do,
  5. Unofficially, its possible, but its work you need to do! first: stop btsync. (if you have a machine where u not upgraded to 1.4 and used all the *same* shared folders there, u're lucky. Just check all your shared folders for those hidden files ".SyncID" and ".SyncIgnore" and copy them to the *same* shared folders on the machine u just upgraded.) Otherwise: U need to check all your shared folders on your machines where u have upgraded to 1.4 for files/folders in a hidden folder named ".sync". Those files are: "ID" and "IgnoreList". There are maybe some other files like "StreamsList"
  6. Hi all, I wanted this in the 1.4-forum, but its password locked. Also, I think, it can be useful for users, which not have updated yet (and if I knew what I know now, I hadn't updated too, but waited 5 fixes) So here it comes, my very personal reaction/impression: (btw: limiting uploaded images here in the forum to only 76.8KB is quite oldschool and does not help in reporting accurately) Not the worst "update" I have seen, but definately it has a place in the top 5. After updating btsync on win7 with newest hotfixes and IE 11, it took the program about 30 mintutes to show the configured
  7. Hi Helpers, I was lookin for a problem with speed limits, and found some threads already describe a lot of ways to check what are the reasons. Unfortunately, I got the situation, that the speed limit is obeyed, *although* the limit is not activated. (In other words, my limit settings are ignored) (I restarted the application, though, I tested the last weeks and realized, that restarting btsync was not needed to acativate/deactivate the spee
  8. ++ I reconized btsyncs "faulty" behaviour some time ago, but never realized, it wasn't my fault, but a feature. I often wondered, why the transfer of the data took so damn long, when all the files i'd like to share are on another computer just next to me in the same network. (For $$ reason, we have a "small" Internet line to the world but 1GBit network inside our company.) It seems obvious to me, that "local" data needs be prefered before non-local data. Dropb*x btw. has a great feature called "LAN-Synchronisatio", which -if activated by the user- just syncs all the data in the LAN fir
  9. Hi, 1) this is not possible, as long as I cannot anonymize them. 2) the file was not updated by me, nor do I think, it was udated by any service on the Linux or Mac Computer. I also don't think, the file was changed on the Win7 Computer, because the filedate on the Mac is 14.09.2009. This are files, I did not use since ages. (Although I cannot exclude 100%, that the Win7/Mac/Linux Computer had "touched" that file anyhow...) a) Yes, the log is form the r/o Mac folder No, the files was not deleted from the mac, nor from the r/o linux folder c) Nope, I didn't turn on the Win7 Computer,
  10. Unfortunately, it does not work for files created *after* making those changes in the .SyncIgnores and re-adding the folder. All files/Aliasses created by me yesterday night, show up again in the transfer log endlessly. I'll wait until the fix comes
  11. Thank you. Nope! its getting even worser in the logfile (debugging turned on): I just filtered "FooBar.ext" on the Console. I also got some other debug loglines CPU on my Mac is dying and fans are on 6000rpm since I started btsync this morning (09:00), so I guess the rescan doesnt do anything helpful in my case.
  12. Thank you. Yes, its on source Win7, but the Computer will not be up the next weeks, I guess (failing hardware), so I can't touch the file. (I feel a bit MC Hammer'ed!) anyway, on what systen do I have to do a folder rescan and *what is* a folder rescan? will the messages go away without me doing anything?
  13. I deleted and re-added that /User/me/Documents folder yesterday and today there is no change within btsync. (only on the mac which is the source of the files) btsync is still syncing the Aliasses from the Desktop and the xls files from the Documents folder every 5-15 minutes. I will now try to put the wildcards (* into my .SyncIgnores on both shares.