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  1. Dear all I've been using btsync for a while with my nas synology and my mac. After a dificult start everything was fine. Now (six month latter) I want to use btsync on my window pc as well. I thus have 3 devices that are syncing a same folder. However the sync is only partial between the pc and the two others devices, here are the details 1 synology 712+, MacOSX.6 x64, Win7 x64, all btsync clients up to date - I copied my file on a folder on the syno and then add the folder to btsync - On the mac, I added this folder in btsync app and waited the sync to be done up to here the syno
  2. hello well it's late but nice anyway... I'm not sure about what i said but it seems that since the last update of btsync client on the mac the problem do not exist anymore...
  3. well it does in the activity monitor at least but, if i create a new folder (anywhere on my harddrive) on the mac and copy paste it in a btsync folder, the upload toward the syno will occur however if i edit my file on my pc, or move file on the syno, or whatsoever, btsync will do the sync, theoretically, but practically it does not have the right on this folder so nothing happen on the mac As the curent user on the mac has read/write right over this folder, the only explanation I see it that btsync is not, or at least not only running as the curent user, otherwise the sync would really occur
  4. well I'm not sure it does. when you create a new folder, the defaul setting on mac is that this folder is only in read/write for the current user, even if this folder is within a folder with broader read/write rights. And my observation si that btsync can't sync in this newly created folder unless you change the read/write rights. It is quite an issue on a day to day use perspective... any tricks ? (again not ye ttime to go thhrough the whole of your previous answer but soon)
  5. Hello agian. I was busy and couldn't go through it this we. I'll do it this week I have an extra question on mac os x, which user is btsync ? I mean on the behaf of what user is it acting ? Of which group btsync belongs ? Is btsync user natively of the same group that the "curent" user on the mac (i mean the user logged in) ? thank's and I'll come back soon to your previous post helps a lot very grateful
  6. one more thanks for your repply yes indeed, the issue comes from the syno side, I do agree I have re-established the privileged I want them to be on the mac on the syno, I modified the ACL of the shared folder all users of the group "user" has all right over the shared folder guest have no rights sync works As I understood that there are internal unix right and external ones, my question is : Is it safe to let things like this, I mean do not create a ACL rule that say that everyone but the group "user" has no rights over the folder ? For me it won't be a problem as I can create other syno user
  7. thank's for replying again in the syno, non of the comand works as the argument -not is not recognised so I executed it on the mac local folder (that is/should be synced with the syno) in the mac, the first comand gives no return, meaning that all the folders has the proper rights indeed, yesterday, I made sure the folder, and all the folders on the path, where the modification took place had proper rights as well I also applied, through tue mac gui, read/write right to all files and subfolders the second return, thousand of lines, indeed. my folder (and subfolder) contains thousands of file t
  8. ok thanks for your reply again. I think I got you at first, but avoided a long message I have only one user on the syno, and it has admin priviledges (and it it not the admin user of the system) I followed this tutorial for security on internet http://www.synology....ow.php?q_id=478 sorry can't find the english version but say: - disable admin and guest acocunt - auto redirect http connection toward https - use ftp via ssl - auto block_ip if mistaken password my syno is configured manually, no use of EZ assistant etc. only one user of the syno use btsync, indeed the user has read/write right o
  9. Well... yes it is the syno gui that says it could not write thank's for the clue, it could have been relevant but If I add a file in a sync folder on the mac, it is not uploaded on the syno anymore (but btsync on the mac say "added") if I add a file in a sync folder on the syno, it is not uploaded on the mac anymore neither so... still stuck :-)
  10. Dear all I'm still new regarding btsync and synology and my skill in "network" and "shell" are limited but not null I've recentely installed btsyns on my synology ds712+ using the syno community repo. As the repo did not had the laste version I upgradre manually btsync following the instruction on this post : I then installed btsync on bot my mac and my pc and had a try, everything seemed to work as I feel (even if some few advanced features would be welcomed) For a while, the bi-directional sync was working smoothly between the mac and the syno. However now, sync do not occur anymore and in