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  1. Thank you for the replies. I will try to answer the main points: Yes, this is exactly why I wrote that: It is *not* the system drive I am talking about. It is a second drive, which is used for archiving purposes. I do not know how many people have such a setup, but I usually keep my archive on a second partition/drive and there is always the question of how to back it up. One option is to use an external drive, but you can also do it over the network in real time and this can be quite handy. I don't claim to know what is the share of Windows users for Bittorrent Sync, but with Windows getting nearly 90% of all desktop installations, I could easily imagine that Windows users are not that rare among your users :-) So, yes, I agree that it remains an open question, whether there are many Windows users, who will want to backup their second drive/partition over the network with BitTorrent Sync. However, then I see no more point in including .Trashes or .Spotlight-V100 (both created on a USB drive by a Mac), while at the same time omitting Windows's Recycle Bin and System Volume Information, which too get created on certain usb devices. Unless of course you are expecting to see loads of Mac users who share their USB drives :-)
  2. Hello, Today I installed Bittorrent Sync and tried to share an entire drive. It is not the system drive, but a second drive used for storage of data. After indexing was done, I noticed, that the Recycle Bin was included in the index. I opened .SyncIgnore and saw that the default entries do not specify the following two folders, which are present on all drives in a Windows Vista/7/8 system: Recycle Bin System Volume Information So, I would suggest that the following entries get added to the default .SyncIgnore file: \$RECYCLE.BIN \System Volume Information It may also be a good idea to add the following two files: \pagefile.sys \swapfile.sys The reason is that these two (unlike hiberfil.sys), may be relocated on drives other than C: