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  1. I added my video folder and will tell you when indexing is finished. It contains 1014 files with overall file size of 389 Gigabyte. But why don't a developer could simple answer the question?
  2. I could understand high cpu usage in case of an ongoing synchronization. But If the indexing is finished. What is to do in the background... Do this depends on the count or the overall size of files? (This is nice to know because I like to try my video folder.)
  3. erdna@voyage:~/Documents$ find . -type f | wc -l 143281 erdna@voyage:~/Documents$ du -hs . 16G . Just one directory with 16 Gigabyte data. It is the only client with this folder. Means nothing to do for btsync-daemon. No changes anywhere. And still more than 20 % cpu usage. What is btsync doing in the background with my data?
  4. In idle top tells me this 20 % cpu usage and 60 % memory usage. 6945 root 20 0 184m 126m 308 S 19.2 58.1 4:22.47 btsync-daemon How can I reduce this? I installed the newest version from the ubuntu ppa. This ends up in a really high battery consumption on my Laptop.
  5. Bittorrent Sync is a brilliant piece of software. Best thing is I can use one software for all my sync problems over all platforms without limits. Thank you. So, I like to help to fix some minor issues like cpu usage. The thing is. I can't because its closed source! Please open source it and the whole world (of experienced developers and security experts) will help you. And on the long term you really need this people...