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  1. Thanks for the reply LazyWolf. That was one part of my issue, and that one I can handle with appropriate permissions to safeguard the data. I wonder though if it's related to the second problem, that is adding a new file and then changing it removes the file from the server. However, I seem to have gotten some sort of resolution to this issue. I decided to start fresh, thinking that maybe there was an index issue, possibly caused by deleting a file on the server that is read-only or perhaps because I was trying to sync the entire Users folder (which would contain sync information). I worke
  2. LazyWolf, thanks for getting back to me. All software is downloaded to the central server for installation to ensure compatibility and easy maintenance, and the version is 1.1.48. Should be the latest as I just did this on Friday. Our backup system has three layers; each workstation makes a local backup, we use an off site backup, and we are imolementing a rolling long term backup with versioning (BTSync). We don't have all our eggs in one basket, but I've worked with a lot of options similar to BTSync (commercial products, rsync, etc) and it is the easiest and best solution for what we need.
  3. I waited 60 minutes after creating a new text file, no improvement. A few moments after changing the file on the workstation, it disappeared from the server and an entry in the History says that it was 'added'. I'm almost out of ideas, anyone got anything that could be causing this?
  4. I went looking in the SyncArchive, none of the deleted tests are in there. However, the file that was deleted but a part of the initial sync was in there. I also tried to modify a file that was a part of the initial sync, and it did not remove the file from the server, it was updated (with an entry in the History). Yet newly created test files behave differently. Is there some kind of time requirement for the sync process to have the data? I assumed that if the file was created on the server, then it was a part of the process. Perhaps I should try creating a file and waiting 30-60 minutes
  5. I tested further, this time with a Word doc instead of text file. I created the file on the PC, it appeared on the server (no Histroy entry). Instead of trying to modify the file, I deleted it from the PC. Moments later, it was removed from the server as well, but still no entry in the History for either a file added or removed.
  6. I attempted some more troubleshooting. When the file is first created (and appears on the server), there is no entry in the History. After each change to the file (aside from deleting), an entry is added to the History that the file was 'added'. Yet it never reappears after being mysteriously removed from the server folder. Also when the file is deleted, nothing happens on the server. It's never deleted, no entry in the History says it's deleted. This is strange because there are other files that were previously synced (the initial sync) and I picked an old one that could be removed, del
  7. Hello everyone, I really like the BT Sync application and have very ambitious future plans for the software. Right now I am using it as an integral part of our backup solution. Our office consists of several workstations and Linux servers. No issue on the Linux side of things, but there may be some setup or misunderstanding on the Windows side. I have BT Sync installed on our Windows Server to sync (one-way, read only) the Users folder of all workstations. This is setup and all of the files have synced perfectly, everything was great. Until I did some tests. I logged into one of the accou