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  1. Will BTSync be available for WD MyCloud Personal Storage? Or Seagate Central?
  2. Does this work with Seagate Central?
  3. Hi guys, I am using Samsung S3 phone; The BTS on the phone is v1.1.48 The BTS on the computer is v1.1.82 The BTS on the computer will be able to find the BTS on the phone and starts to sync if: - BTS on the phone is at the foreground; if you go to the home screen, the BTS on the computer will not be able to find it after a while What should I do?
  4. Is it possible to tagged one secret to multiple folders instead of one folder? the current workaround is to put many folders into one folder and tagged it to a secret.
  5. is it possible to have a feature: sync when wifi and power plug in?