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  1. Lol But it answered my question perfectly! Scott
  2. Yep, I'll turn that on for now. File 'debug.txt' with one line 'FFFF' in either .sync or wherever btsync.conf is located, correct? Scott
  3. I upgraded btsync on my laptop (Arch) to 1.3.67. The server (Ubuntu 12.04) was still running 1.2.92 (latest previous version). It may have been my fault, because I was also testing btsync inside a Docker container and doing a lot of starts and stops of the daemon on both laptop and server. Unfortunately I can't tell you the exact sequence of events because the problems occurred in a couple of really big (104GB and 37GB) archive folders for music and pictures that I don't look at all that often. Perhaps I suspended my laptop while it was still trying to process all the data...I'm not really sure. But...that's what backups are for! :-) Sorry I can't be of more help...but I'll definitely be more aware next time of a major upgrade and provide better feedback to you. Scott
  4. Ooops. Sorry for the noise! I've been using a conf file for so long now I totally forgot when I wanted to _not_ use one on a new machine that you didn't actually have to. My bad! Scott Edit: wait...but without using a custom btsync.conf, is there any way to tell btsync where to store the rest of the sync data?
  5. I also got bit by this bug. For me the '*.Conflict.Conflict' or '*.Conflict1' '*.Conflict2' folders were empty, so I had to find and delete those, then rename the '*.Conflict' folders to remove the '.Conflict' extension. It seemed to be _mostly_ all directories that were affected, not files. I used (Linux): find . -type d -name '*.Conflict.Conflict' -exec rm -r '{}' \;find . -type d -name '*.Conflict' -exec rename 's/\.Conflict$//' '{}' \;CAUTION: notice the 'rm -r' in the first command....make sure those directories are empty first!! Run the commands without the '-exec' part first just to make sure you're finding the correct directories. The 'rename' command might be called 'perl-rename' depending on your system. Scott
  6. One more small bug with 1.3.67 on Linux (at least I think it's a bug...): the 'Preferences' options aren't being saved between btsync restarts. Values set in btsync.conf are reloaded each time instead of the previously saved values. Thanks! Scott