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  1. not sure if this has been requested yet, but a "Sync Now" option on tray icon menu would be nice, to force update when you need it to instead of waiting for the next sync. also some way to force re-scan of the sync folders too would be great. and i know there's another thread for this, but being able to handle symlinks on Linux would be great. on Windows it currently follows hardlinks and junctions just fine.
  2. this would be great if it could follow symlinks. It currently follows hardlinks/junctions on windows, so I don't see why it can't do it on Linux too. for example, i'd like to have a backup directory with a bunch of symlinks pointed to important stuff, and have that synced across computers.
  3. I've removed a few .SyncIgnore lines, but it's still not syncing files matching the old rules. This is my current .SyncIgnore on Linux 1.1.70 and Windows 1.1.48 .DS_Store .DS_Store? .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes ehthumbs.db desktop.ini Thumbs.db it's still not syncing files that match the old _. rule for example "FreeNode-_flow_.log" I've tried: -restarted the btsync on both machines after modifying .SyncIgnor -deleting the files, re-syncing, then re-adding the files. -deleting the share, creating a new one, modifying .SyncIgnore, and re-adding the files. nomatter what I do it doesn't see these