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  1. Bingo, That is the problem, there is already an issue on this. I may try help debugging it this weekend.
  2. OK, I'll move the discussion to Mark's site. Note that I have upgraded recently to Ubuntu 13.10, this may explain some errors. I am writing this message now in another computer that is running 13.04 and it works well. Yes. To check this I added a line to the source code to print the information retrieved from the server (at line 249 of current source code). If I set bitsync web interface to English this is what I get (I ERASED the secrets): {u'folders': [{u'peers': [{u'status': u'Synced on 10/19/13 09:08:30', u'direct': 1, u'name': u'quorra -- pjssilva'}, {u'status': u'Synced on 10/19/1
  3. Hello, I tried to start over my syncdirs and it looks better now. But I am having problems with the indicator. Basically it does not create the folders menu entries. It also tries to access the web interface every second, generating entries in sync.log. If I run it with DEBUG option I get many lines like this: INFO:root:Requesting status INFO:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTP connection (1): DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:"GET /gui/?action=getsyncfolders&token=fGgmj9WlmTs-e3pjIgKGJHzZKmASiK5ittKN5VmSdHZaq29r7R3lYDblYVIAAAAA HTTP/1.1" 200 355 INFO:root:Requesting stat
  4. It seems something got wrong with my syncdir. The indicator keep on circling, indicating activity. If turn on debugging the sync seems to be going forever. I don't know how to exactly read the log (see an excerpt below). I had the same problem in my laptop. There the solution was to delete the syncdir, and the bit-sync configuration and start over. Should I do the same in all machines? Maybe something changed in the file formats? best, Paulo [20131018 07:27:16.475] Merge: processing root message, remote hash DB93E3BF29E3E815DBBF98DC4EED097D6648A43B, timediff: 1 [20131018 07:27:16.4
  5. Hi, tuxpoldo. I have tested your solution to the multiuser setup and it is working great in my laptop. Good job!
  6. Here is my Python script to workaround the discussed problem in machines with multiple users. It implements the work around described above. It must be run as root. Disclaimer: I do not take any responsability for any damage made to your system by this script. I am giving away its code, anyone can read the code and verify what it does. Obs: I had to zip the file to be allowed to upload it. The zip only has the Python scriipt. btsync-workaround.zip
  7. First, please enjoy your honeymoon and don't bother with this until you come back :-) And congratulations! I am not sure if this is what you want. But you can store specific user desktop files that will overide the default one by placing them at ~/.local/share/applications. So a possible solution to the problem would involve two ingredients: 1) Make the default/automatic configuration (~/.btsync.conf) point the web interface to port 8999+uid (or something along those lines). 2) Create custom .desktop files for each user (probably at login time) putting them in ~/.local/share/applications point
  8. I have problems with multiple users, but I am not certain if it is related to the way it was packaged or not. My computer is shared by my family. In particular even my personal laptop is sometimes used by my wife. Yesterday she logged in for the first time after I had installed the desktop package of bitsync. Bitsync than started in her session and it started using 100% CPU. It seems that the problem is that there is another bitsync instance running for my user and both are trying to add a simple web server to listen to the same port (9999). When the secondd btsync-agent tries to attach to th