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  1. On top of it? Yes, that would be great!!! Idea? On top of the BT Sync API with another client, not just for folder/key pairs and monitoring folders (new and changed files), but also: - Keeping older versions. - Keeping deleted files. - Going back to a 'snaphot' a month ago, a year ago etc. As for the 'community' part: It would require a system to automaticaly detect the storage I need and the storage I host for others. If I needed a backup for 5 GB, with a 4 times replication, I could offer 20 GB myself. And on top of that: reporting about the 'health' status for my backups. When 4 strangers (hosting my backup) go down at the same time, I can't recover something. etc. Something like this would be neat I think. A more generic approach (not operational though) is The Ethereum project. I uses blockchain technology to exchange value. In this context the value would be 'storage'. Same as you already mentioned.
  2. If your main purpose here is backup, I wouldn't go with BTSync. Although I'm a fan. Syncing is not the same as making a backup. I use Crashplan for peer-backup. The personal edition is a real backup solution, scans for new files, encrypts them and uploads them to your friends. Without CrashPlan Cloud storage. I see my friends backup as one big encrypted file. So basically we provide eacht other storage, outside our homes.
  3. Not to get my hopes up too soon, but ... is Android 5.0 Lollipop better in handling specific external sd-card rights? Seems to me, apps can be given more rights then there own private folder in external_sd/data/com.bittorrent.sync/ ... Have to change telephones though, Samsung S3 not upgrading etc. ...
  4. My bad, I read the blogpost more carefully including the comments .... Had my hopes up ... "The wish is father to the thought." ...
  5. I hope BTSync will accomplish what Dropbox seems to have done today:
  6. I tried the workaround with the dedicated home directory for btsync in the external sd card (/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync) ... Now sync works fine ... but it creates the same counter-problem for other apps that has to interact with files in this btsync home folder. For example: - BTSync syncs my pdf's with study material. On my tablet I like to annotate them (mark sentences, create notes, little text snippets in balloons etc) with a pdf editor. This app (EZpdfReader in my case) can't save this, because the pdf is not in his home folder. - BTSync syncs my tracklogs on a hike trip. I like to add a new tracklog, so I tell this tracklogging app to store the files in the btsync home directory.... same error. So it's essentially read-only modus on my external sdcard. OR btsync can't sync, OR apps can't edit ... I really hope there is another way...
  7. Is it possible to setup a sync between two folders on two different harddisks on the same server/device? For doing a local mirror etc.