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  1. I have two database files I'd like to read-only sync. 1. Microsoft Access file about 95 meg. Mostly static, but at key hours (5pm to 7pm) may have up to 45 record updates/creation per minute. Only two users update the system. 2. Btrieve database about 19 meg. Very static. May have up to 5 record updates/creation per minute from 8am to 10am. Only one user updates the system. Both databases run our business, so I'm hesitant to implement if this would corrupt them. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the advice! I'll make the move this week.
  3. I'm syncing "my documents" which is on the C:\ drive and it is about 6 gig. I'm installing a SSD for the windows 7 OS and moving "my documents" to the D:\ drive. I'm using the built-in windows "File...Properties...Location...Move" commands to move the "my documents" folder to the D:\ drive. What steps do I take so that the program won't re-sync 6 gig of files? Thanks!