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  1. Thank you marxjohnson and tuxpoldo. Great team-job 1) But my active syncs are not shown; I have only "Open web interface", "Enable debug logging" and "Quit" menu items. How can I fix this problem? 2) If you accept a wish: a pause/restart or start/stop menu item may be very helpful on my laptop.
  2. 7) Add schedule settings for refresh intervals, to preserve the HDD power on policy of a share. 8) Categorize shares in webgui when have a lot of shares
  3. 6) In webgui, display the device_name on the top of the page and in the page title too. It's may important when I manage more than one btsynced PC from the same machine.
  4. Sorry if allready in the whislist, but it's difficult to search inside. My proposals (I'm using linux and android versions): 1) rabbit/turtle button in webgui with corresponding speed setting possibility, like classic torrent apps. 2) select in settings the names of wifi connections to enable/disable syncing with them (important when I use a 3G hotspot with limited brandwith) (for ex. works fine in crashplan http://support.crash...ettings#network) 3) the same thing for network interfaces 4) pause button in webgui and/or a tray icon in gnome with the same function 5) possibility to share a directory within an allready shared directory (nested shares). At now the webgui answers with a message (not allowed) when I try this. This may important, when I sync (for example) my home folder between my own PCs, and whant to share a part of this with friends or family.
  5. Dear tuxpoldo, First of all, thank you for your work. But I had to spend a lot of time to found the solution to start daemon under my username. Fortunatly, the solution is in this topic. May I suggest you to extend your initial post in this topic, with the fact that we have to change owner of the config file if we want to start the deamon under an other user than root. Thank you.