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  1. Could it be that the IPSec implementation you are using at either end is misconfigured or buggy in a way that it is not properly dealing with multicast? Thus causing a multicast reflection storm of sorts. Just a theory, but if you can disable your IPSec connectivity and see what happens.
  2. Are all your machines time synchronized with respect to UTC? I have a machine that is out of sync by a couple of minutes and have not experienced an issue yet. Perhaps, maybe, a sync delay, which I can not confirm. I only ask as I want to know potential issues that I might encounter and really really want BTS to succeed.
  3. Is it possible and worth the dev's time to add "Move Directory" as a feature to BTS? I only ask as I REALLY REALLY want BTS to become successful! I might use said functionality in the future, but do understand the response enough to do it manually.
  4. I just want to understand what happened. You pre-seeded a second EC2 server with the contents of the original server? That is, the second server contained everything in the BTS shared folder(s) that the original did. This might be a use case that I will run across. Is there any reason to believe that removing the .sync folder while BTS is up and running might get the sync done? Or is it the case that the .sync folder needs to be removed prior to launching BTS? I hope I understood your issue.
  5. Like UDP, ICMP (ping), is an un-acknowledged protocol. By measuring packet loss from another machine via ICMP-ping does not necessarily indicate packet loss at the machine running BTS. It can be loss at any intermediate switch or router. Packet loss is normal on ethernet (or most other L2 transports) and IP networks. Higher level protocols like TCP take into account congestion to try to avoid packet loss and retry when it does happen. UDP and ICMP don't. This is a very simple explanation and I don't know what your network infrastructure looks like so can't help more. Just be careful in the conclusions you are drawing. It may be your network is congested. That being said, it is odd that even when BTS is in sync and idle that you see this problem. I could understand it if your network was under load, but it sounds like it is not. There might be a BTS client that is babbling somewhere on your network. Are all your machines on a LAN or other?
  6. I've found some solutions to my own problems. I have a mix of linux, OS X, and Win 7 here. The biggest problem has been with going from OS X or linux to the windows 7 boxes. However, there have also been problems with OS X to OS X. I'll enumerate the issues and what I did to resolve them. 1. OS X to OS X.... file names were too long. In this case BTS was able to show me in the History tab that these files failed sync. This was on the receiving machine. The solution was to shorten the file names. They were indeed very very long. It's strange that the originating OS X machine had no problem creating the file..... but synching it was a problem. I also wrote script to find and identify the long file names. I shortened them manually. 2. OS X/Linux to Win7.... long file names NTFS is much more restrictive with file name lengths. I had to find long file names/paths and reduce their size. This was a bit of a task as the windows client for BTS didn't give me much indication of which files it was unable to sync. In fact, the windows boxes indicated that they were in sync. Only the OS X and Linux boxes were complaining that there were bytes left to sync. I used the script mentioned in (1) to find long file names and shorten them. 3. OS X/Linux to Win7.... special characters For sure I've had problems with : and \t (tab) in the file names. There were some others that I suspected but can not confirm. I wrote a script to strip out all the problem and suspected characters and rename the files on the originating OS X/Linux side. Once those file names were cleaned up, the sync with Windows completed. If BTS could identify both on the originating client and the recipient client exactly which file were failing due to file names I would be a happy camper!