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  1. Hi all I've read up on the .SyncIgnore file and as far as I can tell, if you don't want something to sync, you have to add it to .SyncIgnore on the computer that has the file, not on the computer that is receiving it. I use BitTorrent Sync to do a one-way sync of a large folder on a server, to have it mirror to my local computer. Sometimes there will be large files or folders on the server (sometimes hundreds of GB) that I don't need, and I'd like to exclude them from the sync. I don't easily have access to the .SyncIgnore file on the server, I'd like to exclude the file from my computer's end. Is there any way to do this?
  2. So far I'm loving it! Here's my feedback thus far: Bugs When I try to add a folder, if I type the name first and then scan the barcode, it does not work. It just clears what I typed and what I scanned. But when I do it in reverse order it works. (This is on an iPad 3) File name sorting is weird. It's showing all my files with capitalized names first, followed by all my files with lower case names. Is this normal sorting behavior? Feature requests Universal for iPad! Open In BitTorrent Sync action for .torrent files, pdfs, etc downloaded in Safari and other apps, to get data into the app Option to clear locally cached files or synced files Add folders by pasting in their Secret instead of scanning the QRcode. This would be useful for sharing keys in low-security-requirement setups, for example sharing keys by text message or email. Right now if I wanted to share a key with a friend's phone, and the friend wasn't right next to my computer, I'm not sure how I'd do it. Thanks for the great work guys. BitTorrent Sync is changing the way I manage my files across all of my devices and I love it.