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  1. Ok, after some further testing I have some more information. If I try to save a file to the root of my Sync folder using the iOS app, it actually works and syncs the file successfully. I have tried this with a .torrent file and a .pdf file. However, when I try to save it to a directory inside my Sync folder, then the app crashes. Sometimes it'll crash right when I click on the folder when browsing to the save location and sometimes it'll crash when I click the Save button. It does this with torrent and pdf files.
  2. I have Sync set up on a server at home pointing at my torrent client watch directory. So I can download torrents on my phone and save them to the torrent client watch directory and they will start downloading. I submitted a ticket and included the log file: #32574 Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to open a .torrent file I'm downloading in Safari in iOS 9 using the Open in Sync option. It keeps on crashing when I click the save button and the file is never added or synced.
  4. I'm very excited for the iOS app to finally be available. I have set up my first sync folder and it's working great. In other syncing apps, like Dropbox and Copy, I'm able to upload files from other apps to my sync folders. For example, I have this app called iDownloads+ that allows me to download files from a browser, then I can click the file and it gives me a bunch of options to Open in other programs. I don't see an option to Open in Bittorrent Sync and add the file to a sync folder. I don't know anything about iOS development, but I'm really hoping this feature can be added!