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  1. Versioning: As an addition to my earlier post I noticed that the only versions that are made are on other machines that are on. This is of course completely in line with the way BTsync works but strange for people who rely on it for two reasons: People wanting on versions on the machine where the file is changed have to search all other machines for old versions as they do not have the same versions depending on whether they were on or off. People wanting a version on there machine because someone might have changed it on another machine get a number of changed versions depending on whether the machine was on or off.N.B. I'm talking especially about a file getting changed twice while your machine is off. Turning it on gives it only the second change. I think it would be more clear to most users when the .SynArchive is also synced. Then all versions are available for everyone.
  2. @Hawk: Also syncing the SyncArchive folder would give you all versions everywhere without the need to dedicate one node as a master. This is completely in line with how BTSync now works, so I would guess it to be a minor change.
  3. Hi Stephan, I have added it to the wishlist. I do not think it is a bug, only a feature that can be implemented better so that non-programmers can understand it more easily. Again, thanks for your replies. Regards, Ruud
  4. Sorry if this has already been brought up, but this list is really too long to scan. As suggested above an issue tracker might solve this. Versioning: Anyway, I have a suggestion to change the way versioning is handled. At the moment the implementation is such that older versions of a file can be found on all clients except the one where the change is done. This behaviour is not what most people (especially non-programmers) expect. By also synchronising the folder with the versions all clients have access to all the versions. I think that is exactly what a simple user expects.
  5. Hi Stephan, Thank you for your kind and elaborate explanation. I'm a programmer myself, so I understand why btsync works this way. The reason I asked about the second option you mention is that btsync advertises that it has versioning but the implementation can only be understood by computer-people. For a regular user the behaviour is very strange because the version is made on other machines than the one were the file is changed. So it would be more natural to either not do versioning at all or synchronise the versions on the different machines. In this last way the user does not have to search for an old version and you would have something that is even better than DropBox because it has the versions locally. I agree that this is only useful for casual users who make a mistake and would like an old version. For real versioning I also use a real system like git or subversion. Kind regards, Ruud
  6. What would be the problem if you also sync the folder with the versioned files? Then the complete history would be the same on all synced devices.