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  1. I have 2 Macs in my house that need a good backup strategy. Time Machine is ok but after a while it always stops working for one reason or another and I have to erase the Time Machine drives and start over. Lame. Plus I've heard problems persists with Time Machine on a NAS drive. I'm thinking about building a FreeNAS system, mainly for the wonderful ZFS snapshot feature. I'll have BTSync installed on the FreeNAS, as well as on the Macs of course. I'll have both Mac home folders synced to folders on the FreeNAS ZFS filesystem. (Also, i'll be sharing some larger media files from the FreeNAS back to the Macs over AFP that wont be part of the BTSync). So, the FreeNAS will have a constant 1:1 backup of all my files on the Macs, plus a way of rolling back to earlier / deleted files via ZFS snapshots. This sounds like a great setup. Maybe too good to be true? Are they any pitfalls I might run into? Also, does ZFS play nicely with BTSync and vice versa? I've seen a thread about how Zevo, the Mac version of ZFS, causes Mac BTSync to hang. I'm wondering if this is mac specific, or if the same issue exists on the FreeNAS version of BTSync. Advice? Thoughts?
  2. Hmm, this is worrying as I was planning on using BT Sync as a easy backup solution from my Mac(s) to a (future) NAS. So you're saying that when the NAS share is mounted, no syncing takes place? Do you ONLY have the BTSync program installed on the Mac? or is it also installed on the NAS? I'm thinking maybe in your case it's only installed on the Mac, and therefor the Mac has to do all the work, and sees your share as a local folder. There is a version for the Synology that you need. See here for more info http://forum.bittorr...synology-ds412/ (assuming this is the model you have) I'm guessing that if it was installed on both devices, it wouldn't matter if the share was mounted on your mac or not, as the Synology would be running its own version of BTsync and therefor get around the 'no local syncing' problem. Can anyone else confirm this is the case?