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  1. But... This doesn't work. Step 2 - Right clicking just gives the "Remove" option, not Disconnect. My computer device is already in Disconnect mode... seems to always be in that mode since I picked it during the first setup... so I have to initially Connect each folder... which is fine... But I can never Disconnect it, only Remove. Pretty frustrating.
  2. Just wanted to say that I think the default is good where it's at now, with it off. On my mobile devices, I don't want file to automatically copy down and take up valuable space... If I want to view them, I'll tap it and download. (That's also consistent behavior with Dropbox, ShareFile, etc.). On my computers, sure, keep full copies of everything in sync, but on mobile where space is limited... the user should choose. Anyway, great app so far - loving it! I know there's the tracker and relay options and what they control, but I wish it was just more clear for the average user what that all means. Like, wording around "If you want to only sync on your internal network, use these options"... and "if you want to...", etc. Or just more user friendly descriptions of tracker and relay, maybe. Anyway, that's minor. I did run into one issue where I was just testing it a bit and dropped a .xlsx file into a folder. That file sync'ed to my iPhone no problem and I opened it up. Then created a folder inside that one called "test" and moved the Excel file into it. That change propagated to my iPhone, and the file still showed as downloaded and it opened in Quickview on the iPhone. (I wanted to see if moving a file between folders would be seen as a new file, or just the same file, moved.) Then I swiped to delete the local copy on the iPhone. No problem yet. I then moved the file from the subfolder back to the root folder, and deleted the subfolder. Those changes propagated. So far, so good. I then tapped the file on the iPhone and it just wouldn't download. It stayed stuck with the progress bar, but never downloaded.... didn't get the bar with the speeds... nothing. I force quit the app on the iPhone and restarted it. Then, it downloaded - but it was corrupted and wouldn't open in Quickview or numbers. I deleted the local copy again, thinking it was a fluke, but no matter what I do, the iPhone just won't re-sync a good copy... it's always corrupted. The copy on my Mac is still good, though.