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  1. Using 1.4.83 over Tor if I leave Sync running for several days it will eventually locate all of my peers. Switching back to the corporate HTTPS proxy will then work for about a day. Then peers will slowly be lost until I have zero.
  2. @RomanZ The requested logs from both machines were sent. Previously I could sync the one folder using a SOCKS5 proxy thru Tor or my company's HTTP proxy on port 8080. Now I only seem to be able to make a connection through Tor. After leaving the Tor proxy on overnight I was able to see several other folders and peers, but not all of the folders. When I swapped proxies from SOCKS5 to HTTPS, and then back to SOCKS5 I am now only able to see peers on ONE folder.
  3. I updated to 1.4.75 yet the issue remains. I can only sync one folder. Adding new folders or refreshing/changing existing keys does not work.
  4. I upgraded to 1.4. I have a client on Windows 8.1 64-bit behind a proxy. I have one folder that finds peers and syncs properly. No other folders I have added will find peers. The secrets are correct. The Preferences settings are apparently the same. All of the other folders say "no peers".
  5. That was the first thing I checked for in the new version, but unfortunately there was no proxy support. They did open up the API though. Perhaps someone else can help add proxy support now?
  6. We've got BTsync working just about everywhere with even Android and iOS clients. Proxy support would really make this a DropBox/Cubby killer. Any updates on this?