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  1. Hi. I just bought a Family Pro license, so a 5-pack of Home Pro licenses. I want to hand out the extra licenses to my siblings but I'm an enthusiast with a lot of devices ( 4 each tablets, PCs, phones, plus a NAS and a Win10 filerserver, so 14 total, and it might get worse). I'm wondering if one single Pro license suffices for such a ridiculously high number of devices, or if at some point I'll get asked to burn a second license. I couldn't find confirmation anywhere. Please advise ?
  2. Now, that's a useful and well-written answer ! thank you !
  3. I'm having an issue with a read-only synch apparently going the wrong way. Setup: - My brother (in Canada) has set up a folder to be backed up, and sent me a one-time read-only secret to it - I've set up a Sync folder on my home server with that secret Problem: We've done an initial sync a few weeks ago (that took several days). Since then nothing has happened. Suddenly yesterday my server showed activity, and looking into it my server shows stuff UPLOADING, while my brother shows stuff DOWNLOADING. That shouldn't happen in that direction with a read-only synch ? I'm thinking he goofed and sent me a two-way secret ? Questions: 0- the uploading (on my PC) and downloading (on his PC) status on the Transfert tab does mean that stuff is going from my PC to his, right ? 1- is there any way I can check that folder is set up to synch one way, not both ways ? 2- any other ideas ? A documented bug maybe ?
  4. Hi. What started as a leg-up for my brother (backing up a few of his vital files to my HTPC server) is turning into a cottage industry (well, a for-free one... a cottage charity ?), I'm now receiving backups (read-only) from 6 family members... I originally put people's stuff in rather random folders. I'd now like to consolidate those folders (into something like f:\bittorrentsync\philippe, f:\bittorrentsync\christelle,.... Any way I can move them without having to request peoples' secrets again ? Half of them are... non-techies... Thanks you for an exceedingly useful app, and kudos ! Olivier