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  1. Hi Stephan Thanks for you answer. You talk more generally about how one should name files and paths. That's ok but filenames often are generated automatically or you haven't the possibility to specify this because of other dependencies... btsync's sync algorithm has to handle these scenarios imo. At the moment we have problems like data loss, duplicates and sync loops because of this problem. I'm not a developer and I'm not a sync guru and I don't know btsyncs sync algorithm but I would suggest not to use file names as identifiers for files, instead we could use e.g. MD5 hashs and metadata for file names, attributes and so on... Just an idea, maybe I'm wrong. Great work anyway guys! Regards, Raimo
  2. Hi Some friends an I have set up a bittorrent sync share that consists of Windows 7, OS X and Linux clients. The underlying file systems are: - Windows: NTFS, exFAT (case insensitive) - OS X: HFS+ (I think) (case sensitive) - Linux: ext4, xfs (case sensitive) We have the following problem: - client A (Windows) creates a file "Test.txt" - client B (linux) creates a file TEST.TXT" - now client A has "Test.txt" / client B has "Test.txt" and "TEST.TXT" -> inconsistent - Client B deletes "TEST.TXT" - now client A deletes "Test.txt" and after that client B deletes "Test.txt" also -> all gone There are other similar problems! Hot to prevent btsync from doing this? Is it possible to force btsync to use case insensitiv paths? Do we have to force that on the unerlying file systems? Thanks!