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  1. Can anybody write up a quick guide to installing BTsync on a Zyxel NSA235? I'm obviously doing something wrong somewhere.
  2. Would love to know how you got it working. I have the 235 model, and once activated it just ramps up the CPU to 100% and stays there doing nothing.
  3. Another user Racoon wrote it better than I could: "One of the very few disadvantages of bt sync is that both computers should be on and online while syncing. Well for most people, your phone is always on and always online, so why not use it for central server/cloud? Seems like 64gb micro sd is the most, most modern phone support (if there are phones supporting more please do say) and in case that's enough for you, i don't see why not install bt sync on your phone as well and use it for "server". It's just an idea i just got, so would like to discuss it and see if you guys see any major disadvantages to it? My first thought is how this would affect the battery life? " Would this be possible in future updates? or would implementing it bring down the wrath Apple and get the app banned form the app store.
  4. I was disappointed that BT Sync for iOS does not allow this. I have an unlimited data plan for my iPhone, and my upload speed over 3G is about 4x faster than my upload speed on my broadband via cable. There are apps that let you transfer files to the phone using iTunes (media players for example), and I was hoping to do this with BT Sync.