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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. That is much better than it used to be!
  2. Any idea if this problem has been fixed, or is going to be fixed in version 2.0?
  3. Moving causes trouble too:
  4. How about a teaser of what we can look forward to?
  5. Thanks for the bump. It seems implementing the same hash check algorithm already used by torrent clients would work, wouldn't it?
  6. Thanks, but my case is different. Let's say I have a sync folder called "Sync Folder". In there is a folder called "Pictures". In the Pictures folder is a bunch of files, say A.jpg thru Z.jpg. At this point everything has been synced. Now I make a new folder called "Pictures 2", and I move A.jpg thru J.jpg into it. Everything has stayed within my synced folder, I've only done some rearranging. But I think things get deleted and re-uploaded rather than moved. And the same goes if I just rename a file without otherwise changing it or moving it at all. BTSync doesn't seem to follow those operations. I could easily test this myself but I only have one computer and my users are in different time zones and very difficult to coordinate tests with.
  7. Hello, I'm sharing a 14GB folder (and counting) of 400+ files with a handful of people. This collection of files is still being rearranged. t appears that when I move files from one folder to another, they all get deleted on the client end, and I have to re-upload them all. Is this correct? And if so, will this be fixed in the future? Thank you for this cool app.
  8. Hello, I'm using BitTorrent Sync version 1.1.48 on Windows 7. When I click the "Check Now" button it tells me "Client version is up to date" when clearly it isn't. Sorry if this has been reported!