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  1. Well, that's a shame. Hopefully it will be added in the future, otherwise it is totally useless. It doesn't help if you keep a clean photo library on your phone and your backup is cluttered with photos you don't need anymore. Since you cannot keep the camera roll synced with a normal BTSync folder the backup function seems to be the only way and as such does not sync at all.
  2. Hi! I activated iOS photo backup und my iPhone 6S with iOS 9.2 (now 9.3) to sync my camera roll to my Mac. What works is that it incrementally adds my new photos to the Mac sync folder, but it does not remove the ones from my Mac that I deleted from the camera roll on my iPhone, i.e., sync is not working. What to do?
  3. Hi all! I am trying to rename or move a BTSync folder. In older versions it was possible to add a new/renamed/moved folder and enter the old folder's secret. On the current build when adding a folder, I see no possibility to enter an existing secret... Thanks!
  4. Hi! I noticed that after I changed my device name on my linux machine serveral weeks ago my Windows client still shows the old device name. Both machines were rebooted in the meantime and there bts was also restarted, so it should not be a "refresh" issue. Is that a bug? Cheers Frix
  5. I had to delete the app because of this issue. I now reinstalled it on my iPhone and was not able to reproduce the problem for now. If it happens again, I will send you the feedback log.
  6. This folder is only accessible from my PC and holds 330mb only, which is much less than those 500MB shown on the iPhone. However, this folder cannot be accessed from my iPhone, so I cannot delete it there. Is it safe to delete it on my PC?
  7. Bug: After syncing and removing some files between my PC and iOS, the BTS document folder on the iPhone still takes up 500MB, although according to the app no files are synced on the device. Autosync is off and the previously synced files have been deleted. Connecting the iPhone to my PC, iTunes also shows in the app documents section that BTS takes up 500MB on the device. I'm not sure if those are temp files that are not cleared correctly or what else to do except deleting the whole app. Any suggestions? Also, the one with the QR/name order thing. Request: Please leave the original image names from the photo roll instead of renaming them automatically by time/date. So annoying! If you do so to avoid name conflicts, just iterate the original file names. Otherwise, great software!