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  1. Subject say it all - it would be nice to have a timed bandwidth throttling feature by which on could define various bandwidth usage limits based on time slots.
  2. Where did you get it (apparently BTS has been dropped for the QTS apps) ? Did you build it yourself ?
  3. Just FYI QNAP has dropped BTS from their "official" package list for about a month of so. Any idea why ?
  4. Hello I have the "Error: device time difference more than 600 seconds" error but all my nodes are - as far as I can tell - correct in terms of time zone and clock... (a mix a Windows 8, 2008 and 7 machines). How can I diagnose this ?
  5. Folks, I have a "conceptual" problem with BTS - I'm not sure to understand what is supposed to happen in the following case (and yes I have gone through the FAQ): I have 3 computers synching a R/W folder. I deposit a file in the shared folder on computer A. I starts synching on B and C. At some point I realize that this is not the correct file. How can I stop the synch ? Should I delete on A ? On all machines ? use the !synch exclusion file ? Sorry as you can see I am a bit confused here...