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  1. Hi, I'm just posting this to help people pinpoint that Bittorrent Sync and the Yamaha receivers (Net Radio and probably Pandora too) are not completely compatible. When having Bittorrent Sync running on 1 computer, Net Radio works fine. Whenever I start up a second instance of Bittorrent Sync on another computer (not even with the same sync folders) and on the same LAN, the Yamaha received "crashes" with an "Access Error" after a short while. It drops back to the "Bookmarks" menu, which ends up empty. Other error messages include "No Content" on the screen of the Yamaha receiver. There is no other solution than to power off/on the Yamaha receiver. I suppose this is more of a Yamaha firmware bug caused by some "special" packets generated by Bittorrent Sync which it can't handle? If anyone from Bittorrent has a clue about what might be causing this, it would be much appreciated as at the moment it is useless on my LAN. If I get some more info I might also try and post a bug report at Yamaha support. Kind regards, Marc
  2. In concur in two points, swipe left should delete but swipe left or another swipe should permanantly delete from the share. Qr codes should always display the secret as fallback. Right now i cant even setup a sync between two ipads whitout needing a laptop. Sending files in a an album doesnt respect date order. You should be able to setup camera backup to another ipad (mostly related to needing a secret i cant put in)