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  1. I've a lot of files that won't sync correctly. When Inspecting sync.log, I see a lot of the following error message: [20131112 16:01:53.595] *** toto.xls: PIECE 0 FAILED HASH CHECK [20131112 16:01:53.595] Blocked downloading file toto.xls due Hash check failed Can you help me to solve this issue ? There is a workaround here: But it's very painful to tracks this files and have to 'touch' them for force a rehash. Thanks.
  2. One of my node is a server. I never change any file on the server. Only my laptops change the files. Can I "disable" (or set a very long period) the full rescan on the server ?
  3. I bring this up. Can I sync data from an external drive, connected to my laptop ? Meaning that, most of the time, the HDD will not be plugged. Then, what will happen to the data on my other workstation, synced with my laptop ? Thanks
  4. From my understanding (and my own tests), you don't have to open UDP 3000 in your firewall. UDP 3000 is used by the agent to contact the tracker (which is hosted by bittorrent).
  5. I'm at home, on my LAN. My laptop is syncing smoothly with my local server. But when I arrive at my office in the morning, my laptop does not contact automaticaly my server at home. I wait, but nothing happens. As soon as I quit/restart the BitTorrent agent (on my laptop), everything works smoothly again. Can you help me to investigate ? I'm running OSX 10.8.4 Thanks.
  6. An API on the iPhone would be awesome ! Example: my data are protected with boxcryptor on my different laptops. If I want to access them from my iphone (with the help of BTsync or Dropbox) I have to use BoxCryptor for iPhone. It's not a problem for Dropbox or any kind of WebDav provider. But since I've moved to BTsync (from Dropbox) I'm unable to access my data on my mobile.
  7. As far as I know, the tracker is hosted by BitTorrent (with the help of Amazon EC2 according to my own investigation ?) Maybe some one from BiT could confirm or disconfirm that.
  8. It works, but it's painful slow in 3G. Unfortunately, it seems to come from my ISP. I suspect them to reduce the P2P bandwith. When my iphone is on a public wifi every thing is OK.
  9. OK, it works with these options activated on the desktop. I would love to be able to uncheck relay & tracker options (for security concern), but I have understood that it will be possible in the future releases of the iphone app and the use of a "prefered hosts". Thanks for the help ! Great work by the way.
  10. Maybe I should authorize "Use Relay Server" in the folder property ?
  11. The tracker will see a SHA of your secret (not the secret itself), your IP address and port number. You can disable the use of the tracker in the folder preferences ("Use Tracker Server").
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong. It means that today, I'm unable to sync from my iphone to my server at home (dynamic ip) using the Internet. But I'll in the future. Correct ?
  13. Thanks for your answer. If there is no "predefined hosts" option, how can the iPhone find my home server ? (knowing that I have a dynamic IP)