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  1. Just for closing this: The app worked, and as soon the modified dates changes, the syncronization works. The app can do a bit more, than just changing the modification date. Give it a try if you are in a situation to streamline photos from multiple cameras, where the creation date of the photo might not be correct. thanks.
  2. Yes, thank you. This helps already. Trying to find at the moment a way how to change the modification date easily. Found http://www.maczentrisch.de/shootShifter/index.html this app here, maybe I will give it a try...
  3. Hi, Changes on EXIF dates (done with help of Picasa) is not recognized by Bit Torrent Sync. Any Idea how this could be achieved to have the Picture in sync between 2 PC's when just chaning the EXIF date? Renaming of files does not help, because on the remote PC the local files will be renamed, so the EXIF date of the pictures wil still be incorrect. thanks.