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  1. It is not the Linux that is the problem, but the sync engine. Just rename your files with quotes in them and you will see the indexing stop after it is done (unless some other special character causes the same problem in the sync indexing engine).
  2. On the iPhone version you can see the number of connected devices, but on the iPad you can not (which is really strange given that the iPad has more screen real estate, so you would rather expect the opposite) It would be great if the files would show the last modified date (so you can see what changed when), or even allow sorting on that. When using 'open in...' you can't select a subfolder in a share to put the new file in.
  3. I solved it in my case by getting rid of single quotes in file names: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/25020-arm-version-1267-keeps-indexing/
  4. I understand, but this is syncing from iOS to Linux. And Linux itself does not have a problem with the files. It is BTsync that seems to be unable to handle the single quote (it synced the files alright, but the indexing engine seems to choke on it).
  5. After I upgraded my NAS running BTsync 1.2.67 I noticed it kept indexing my two iOS picture backup shares. I found that the culprit was the use of a quote in all the file names (because both my iPhone and my iPad had a quote in their name, which is prepended to each image file). After changing the name in the BTsettings, I noticed that the number of files doubled, because BTsync apparently couldn't remove the files. After manually removing all the old files with a quote in them the indexing finally stopped! Seems like BTsync has a problem with file names with single quotes in them...
  6. I had a similar thing happening, with syncs not updating. When I added predefined hosts, it resumed syncing.
  7. Maybe this thread is helpful? http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/23408-copy-config-from-one-server-to-the-next
  8. As far as I know the name is how you would like to see the directory in your sync tab. One thing to look out for: the btsync app should not be 'adding a folder' when using the link. Leave it on the sync tab, and after you entered the link in safari, and BTSync opens, you will see the folder added to the list.
  9. I had a similar situation, and when I added them with the same Secret both directories were indexed, and while that was happening it looked as if some data was going to be transferred, but in the end no data was.
  10. You can actually get your secret code by using the custom URL 'btsync://' (which is what the QR code represents). So type in safari on your iPad 1 the following URL: 'btsync://' (without the quotes), followed by the Secret Code followed by '?n=' (again without the quotes), followed by the name (I'm not sure if that needs to be the same name you assigned it when creating it).