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  1. Bittorrent Sync is fantastic. You have done a amazing job and i think Bittorrent Sync will change data storage forever. But there are 2 things I miss that exist in many cloud storage systems. 1. Dashboard It would be great to be able to access and upload files with a web interface. The case when this would be great is when you are on a friends or on a work computer and you do not want to share your secret. For my purposes it is enough if this feature only exist on the Linux client. The Linux client already have a web interface to handle secrets so the step to have a dashboard can't be to huge. I have successfully set up Barracuda drive and Bittorrent Sync on my own server but it is a dirty setup. I read about someone that used Ownclouds dashboard with Bittorrent Sync, so at least one person more than me are interested i this feature. 2. True versioning This is a big wish but it would really be great. I know there is versioning one sense in Bittorrent Sync, you can visit the archive and trash folder and try to get your data back. But these folders does not contain all changes made in the system and the interface to handling "versions" is not smooth. As a steppingstone to "true versioning" it would be great to only have versioning on the Linux client. All changes have to be synced to this Linux client with versioning activated(If a node is offline and 5 changes are done all 5 changes have to be stored in that node until the changes can be transferred to at least one node with versioning activated if there are one or more nodes with versioning activated in the system). If there is more then one versioning node activated the versioning nodes have to share changes with each other. To manage versioning and conflicts it would be great with a web interface on the Linux client. Think of all company and private projects out there that could use this and it will totally remove the need for a external backup system.