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  1. Why is rsync needed? It should be possible for BTSync on the RPI to write directly to the unencrypted folder of encfs which points to the encrypted folder of your webdav-provider. In addition to this, Strato's HiDrive supports ssh. So, instead of davfs2, it's possible to use sshfs.
  2. I have many of these errors in my log on debian. But files are written and synced. Is it possible, that this error occurs if files from a windows-system are synced to a linux-system and the windows-attributes can't be written in linux?
  3. Hi, I installed BTSync described in this thread. After installation, the config-wizard opened and I did same settings, which resulted in /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf. I did access the WebGui at port 8888 and added some directories. But where these directories-settings are saved? In /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf is no entry about them. There is also not another config file in that folder.