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  1. I'd love to see this too. Other on-demand syncing implementations (OneDrive, Google Drive etc) have this. Not having the folder structure obfuscates the shared drive structure, and it's really difficult to work with. Especially when you have less tech oriented people who don't understand how the Resilio works, they complain that files have gone missing (as folders disappear)
  2. I would also love to see this feature on desktop. It works like that in mobile already. Now it's really confusing for less technical users to understand how the folder structure looks like, as they don't get to see it. Also it's quite difficult to see what files are actually directories. This makes browsing the selective sync really difficult.
  3. This definitely should be fixed. I can't recommend the usage of Resilio Sync to others as I need to explain that you can't remove files from this device before it's synced to other peers. And there is no way of knowing when the files even have been synced, so it's really hit and miss.
  4. I have had the same issue. There is no way of knowing which files have been already synced, so you have to be extra careful when using "remove from this device". You can look if there is transfers going on, so you know not to remove files. But if you don't have any peers online, you don't have transfers going on, so you can't trust that one either. There should be a warning when you're about to remove a file that is not known to be transferred fully to a peer, at least. Or add an option where "remove from this device" first moves the files to the archive.
  5. Hmm, so I can enter either the key or the link in the "Enter key dialog..." Seems to work! Why would I need to start btsync.exe /webui? It didn't make the links work. But pasting the link into the "Enter key dialog" on either standalone version or the web UI version works. Thanks. - Sampsa
  6. I tried to sync my Android photos using BTSync, but failed to do so because on my Windows 8 machine I simply couldn't get the link to open. It says "Just a moment while we start your request... Please make sure Sync 1.4 is running to receive this folder." I have Sync 1.4.103 beta running... At one point the page was displaying a button with "Get the folder" on it, and clicking that button did nothing either. Due to the restrictions on new KitKat android I'm unable to add the camera folder as a regular sync folder, and because I can't get the link to open either (or get the key by other means) I'm effectively unable to backup my photos - unless I connect the phone with usb cable and copy the files manually...
  7. I saw this happening too. For me, BTSync wouldn't scan the QR code, so I used Barcode Scanner to scan the code to get the link, and the link opened BTSync, but no folder was added in the end. I had to get the key from desktop, send it to myself using mail, copy it from the mail on Android and then paste it to the BTSync... not that convinient (BTSync version
  8. For some reason BTSync on Android version won't scan the QR code from my computer screen. Other QR code readers work just fine. I tried the Barcode Scanner (de factor for Android as Google recommends it for the Authenticator) and it scanned the code in matter of seconds. But BTSync just stays there never being able to detect the code. What could be wrong?
  9. Thanks for reply. The problem is that I don't know before-hand what photos I'm going to need (usually for reference). I could offload some of the photos into archived catalog (using Lightroom here) and I do, eventually (photos older than few years). But the set I need to have is still quite large. And I do have the disk space, so that's not the problem either. It would be just fine if I could say that delay indexing for 10 mins or so. As if BTSync was started later on for certain folders. I don't know how BTSync works internally, but your suggestion makes sense. I think many (if not all) file systems support modification journals / hierarchical time-stamps, so BTSync could somewhat easily catch up indexing if there were changes since last time. This would be the ideal solution.
  10. I already have two servers to which I sync everything. How would NAS help here? I need to access the files where ever I am (on the go on gigs etc). Accessing files remotely (NAS over Internet) definitely wouldn't work. One raw photo can take up to 80 megabytes... modifying that over 3G connection is not going to work.
  11. Hi Marko, "true" is the default setting for "disk_low_priority". I've never set it to anything else as I really don't want BTSync to slow down the IO more. Should I try setting it to "false" instead?... I understand that the indexing is something needs to be done in order to sync, but for many sync folders I don't actually care if the sync happens immediately or at later point in time - as long as it happens eventually. It's more important to me to have a usable computer. BTW SSD would help, but then again having hundreds of gigabytes of photos on SSD drive makes little sense...
  12. Hi, I use BTSync regularly to sync photos, projects and backups across different locations. My biggest issue with BTSync is that when doing a cold boot to Windows, it takes ages to index all the folders added to sync. I have hundreds of gigabytes of raw photos to index, so it takes ages to do the indexing every time the PC is started. In addition to the indexing, I also have virus scanner running, and both are accessing HD, furthermore pegging the computer down. Currently I have BTSync not to start automatically when computer is started because the computer is literally unusable for the 10 first minutes after boot, but this is not the ideal solution for me. I do use hibernation from time to time and this helps, but unfortunately that's not always possible. My feature request is that I could somehow configure the BTSync either delay the indexing, or somehow do the initial indexing much more slower (not lower process priority but have delays between file reads to allow other HD intensive processes to able to progress on the background). Even better solution would be to have an truly intelligent HD idle detection (not relying on CPU usage which has nothing to do with HD activity). Maybe BTSync could somehow measure the average HD read/write disk queue length Windows Resource Monitor is doing. Are others having similar issue?
  13. I can confirm this is happening on Ableton Live 8 on Windows 7 as well when saving to a folder which is synced. BTSync version 1.4.93 beta. It seems the BTSync somehow locks the temporary file Live creates which causes Live to think the save process failed. Unfortunately I don't have logs at hand, but I was looking at Process Monitor and it showed access violation for Ableton Live regarding the temporary file it had just created. Exiting BTSync solves the problem, but that's not a solution. Also solve by adding the temporary file to ignore file is not a solution in my books either. Why would BTSync want to sync all the files created in a directory _immediately_? Why not wait few seconds (as it used to be)? +1 for making this configurable. Cheers, Sampsa
  14. I'm absolutely loving BT Sync. It just works (switched from Aero FS). The iOS version is nice, but needs some features to be usable for me. I use it for downloading and viewing photos that I export from Lightroom (Lightroom -> sync folder, works like a charm). I use it for reviewing and showcasing my photos. iPad support (universal binary). This is a must have! Ability to set certain folders to "auto download" so that I don't need to click each photo I want to download Thumbnails for images (jpeg) Ability to browse through images by swiping left or right (like in Gallery) Instead zoom to fit width, the image viewer should use zoom to fit both width and height (i.e. no cropping!) BUG: BT sync crashes really often when I'm browsing through some of my photos (~3 MB jpegs). Other than that, I'm really loving it. Great job!