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  1. Yes, the Phone is of course linked and I have multiple active folders that I can write to on this device. I'm using BTsync Pro but I doubt that makes a difference. I've managed to save a document in BTsync using the "Copy to Sync" function in the share action sheet you mentioned. "Save to Sync" causes Bittorrent Sync to crash when I choose the destination folder.
  2. Hello, The App is "Scanbot" (https://scanbot.io/en/index.html)%C2'> to reproduce I scan an image, press "iCloud Drive", choose Bittorrent Sync as the storage provider and get this screen:
  3. Hello, I'm trying to use the Bittorrent Sync document provider extension on iOS 9.0.2 with the at present latest version of the Bittorrent Sync iOS app and can't get it to work. Sync does show up as a storage provider option but when I press it, I just get a blank white screen themed like the iOS app that says "Location", "Sync", "Done" in the dark grey header with blue lettering. It doesn't actually show any of my folders which I could use as storage targets. Is this a known bug?
  4. Could you expand on this? I am a bit confused regarding the new licensing. I bought a subscription license back when 2.0 was first released and would like to convert it to a perpetual personal license. How do I do this? Does it get converted automatically or do I need to wait until this license expires (March 2016) and then buy a perpetual license?
  5. Hi, Today's OS X 10.10.3 update introduced the new Photos.app which is supposed to replace iPhoto on the Mac. I am not a big fan of Photostream, so I've used the BTSync camera backup function on iOS plus an automator folder action to automatically add new images into my iPhoto Library. This worked great but unfortunately Photos.app no longer provides an Automator action to import files. Has anybody found a good workaround yet? Do I have to give in and activate Photostream?