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  1. i was looking for a solution since update, as i can't sync anymore anywhere... i see here i'm not the only one
  2. Hello, everything is ok now. i contact support and they help me to fix it. So they recommand to use Handle utility for Win or Process Monitor (the one i choose) to see wich files were using by some process. there was a damage database files. so i re-added folders that didn't work, with new key. i also add following in syncignore file, on all computer for each folders : # Finder related filescom.apple.FinderInfocom.apple.metadata:_kMDItemUserTagscom.apple.metadata__kMDItemUserTags*com.apple.metadata__kMDItemUserTagscom.apple.ResourceForkcom.apple.metadata:kMDItemFinderCommentcom.apple.m
  3. Yes, i add rules on all computers in syncignore. Thanks for answer, i will do that
  4. I don't think it's transfering data, maybe just "sync" indexes. I have 5 folders to sync, 3 of them are ok. 2 of them are sync forever. For exemple, yesterday night it was almost finished, and this mornig, after restarting computers, one is 500go (for 650go total) to sync with 80000(/90000 total) files, other 120go(/590go) to sync with 45000 files (/170000 files) But it makes forever to sync I noticed there were lots of com.apple.FinderInfo and com.apple.ResourceFork. So i had theses rules in syncignore file. com.apple.FinderInfo com.apple.ResourceFork *com.apple.FinderInfo *com.apple.Re
  5. Hello, i have some big folders to sync, more thn 500go. When sync is complete, each time i restart computers, it resync everything and starting from 0. It's faster than a first sync scan, but it's during hours or a couple of days. right now i have for exemple on a folder more than 450go to sync, thats have been already sync. Some others folders are ok, some not. with sync on windows and mac, sync 1.3.106