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  1. i was looking for a solution since update, as i can't sync anymore anywhere... i see here i'm not the only one
  2. Hello, i run resilio in service mode, is it possible to remove share options in wind righ clic, that i never use ? thanks
  3. Hello, in options, what the option "File download location" is for ? I think it's a pretty new option as i can't find it in documentation
  4. hello, just to understand, why some update are not available to auto update, and if i do not come here to check, will i have some auto update a day, with this version or a futur realse ? thanks
  5. hello, i sent some logs cause i still have the issue... -edit i contacted support and they told me it was an issue corrected in last update. thanks !
  6. ok i will. Do you think logs would be helpfull ?
  7. Hello, i noticed on 2.4.x and on the last version 2.5.0 952, with pro licence, sometimes i have some files that do not sync. If i just rename them, sync starting. Maybe it's some files that have been locked (i'm not sure it is) but even if i restart computers they do not sync till i rename the file. Is this an know issue ? what can i do ? thanks
  8. hello, it's seems that i have a known issue on previous version, as one of my disk have been disconnected, all files have been deleted. When my disk mounted again, files have been resterod form archive folder.
  9. Hi, nobody answered me on post #3, but on your product page, the screenshot shoes it, and in real it's not available... Why ????
  10. thanks, yes it seems to work if i wait a while, i will check that. it's better than nothing, but strange that it's not doing that when unsync. thanks for your help !
  11. Here an exemple : if i look at my folders : then if i sync the whole folder if i unsync the folder : and if i double clic the folder.rsls then if i right clic and sync the folder, everything syncs again, but i don't want to, i juste want to see all fils.rsls, like first picture, in case i want to sync again file_022.rtf for exemple. if i want to retrieve the whole hierarchy .rsls, i have to select just the files in each subfoler, if not i can't see all my files.rsls because here is a easy exemple, but sometime i have hundred of files in lots of subfloder, and with a lot of bytes to sync. so it is very unconvenient to unsync files in a lot of folders, and delete just the main folder remove the ability to go through the hierarchy to assess any file in any subfolder
  12. yes if i choose "sync to this device" it's working but i think yyou do not understand. the issue is if i sync, then unsync the folder with lots of subfolder and sub files. then after unsyncing, i can"t navigate through hierarchy to sync just few files later.
  13. yes it is exactly that. and not very usefull... For the first sync, i can see all files as .rsls file, so it's good i can go where i want and sync the file i want. if i sync one entire folder with multiple subfolders and subfolder of subfolder, the day i choose to unsync, i will have only the main folder. What i want is have all my hierarchy folder to sync one single file anywhere in the hierarchie. i can after the fist sync, why it's no possible after choosing to unsync form one computer... fist sync : > main subfolder >> folder >>> file.rsls >>> file.rsls >> folder >>> file.rsls >>> file.rsls >>> file.rsls if i sync it's turning everything goog then if i unsync > main subfolder.rsls then i can't have acces my whole folder and files... it's bad and unconvenient, isn't it ?? then if i double clic, the main folder go back to a folder, not a rsls file, but it's still empty If i just want to see what's inside, i haev to turn back on the sync, if not it stay empty forevern as if it was empty on all devices... So i have to unsync contents folder by folder, so i can still see the full hierarchy Really not practical and a real waste of time
  14. Hello, Hello, i have pro resilio. SO i can selctive sync. First of all, i find the delete on all computer (don't now the exact title, i run french os), isn't a very good option. At least it should be an option to configure, or an warning before delete by mistake. Well, the sync on this machine is a good option. it works well, and on lan it's pretty fast. But if i sync one entire folder, it sync everything in it. Good Now if i want to unsync on this computer, i have to take each files and select delete on this computer. If i choose a folder, it delete everything in it, and i can't see anymore what is inside. So i can't re sync only a file in it. I have to sync the folder, then go in each subfolder and choose delete on this device. i don't know if it's normal, but not very nice to use. thanks
  15. Hello, auto update seems to work on win and mac, but not with service mode. When will you add this cool feature ? lot of clic to see this at the moment...
  16. hello, yes it rescan when the disk is mount again. And on a previous version, i opened a ticket for deleted files when mac disk where unmount. You have corrected this issue, but on 2.4.1 i had the same issue. i unmounted a mac disk, and resilio started to delete all files on other compters, then remove them at there good places when disk were mount again...
  17. Hello, i've 3 computers, 2 PC and 1 mac. On the mac, each time i disconnected an usb drive for a time (short or long period) it reindex evertything on that drive and have to resync. It's is quite fast for 1To, as all files are already everywhere, but it takes a long moment just for files that haven't changed... Any idea of what happen ?
  18. Hello, i'm not sure it have been corrected in this update, but i notice on 2.4.0, each time i disconnect some usb hard drives on macos, when i reconnect it sync more than 1To on 1.5To. It needs a couple of hours to resync everything and be ok. i'll try this update and will tell you
  19. Hello, is there a way to remove a computer form sync, in list of sync computers ? We can remove devices from "my devices", but there is still the whole list of computers in "peers online"
  20. Hello, i had a notification for non valid character on windows 7. the file on my mac has a " in the name. on the win7 pc, it have been replaced with _ What the name will be on the mac, will it stay " or will it be rename ? Should i rename thoses files or can i let them the way they are ? thanks
  21. yes, it's what i did, but i opened a ticket to send you logs, becouse it's really strange. thanks