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  1. Hello, just to said that i had the same issue. i'm preparing logs to send you, and i don't know if it's the cause, but i had to temporarly eject an usb drive, and on the second computer, it start to delete all files and put in archive. Now it sync again, some files are just moved then others seems to sync again.
  2. Sometimes, i can't say if it's every time, i can find an old version of the file in archive,whicj is not corrupted. It's like something has changed the file, but not me. For exemple i can open the file, and two days later i can't anymore. Files are not readable at all, and it's not everytime the same kind of file. I use 2.3.6 on each computer i send you a link by mp thank you
  3. Hello, i'm using btsync for a while, and i'm pro user. Bur theses last days, i have some corrupted files. On my computer, it's ok, then after a while, after thoses files have been sync, they become corrupted and i can't open them anymore. Is there any things to do about this ? I can't say anything else, it's not for a particlar kind of file, and hazardous. i just can say that i edit my file on my PC, and that it is sync with two mac. Files are corrupted on three computers. thank you
  4. Hello, i have a strange issue : - on 1st mac, if i put a new mp4, sometimes after finishing sync, on a 2d mac, it can't be played. But on the 3d PC, it's ok. If i copy on the PC the file and paste it, then after finishing sync, this new file can be read on 2d mac. From where can be come this issue ?
  5. hello, the same here. I didn't change anything, same network/router, and i had this error on win 10 2.3.2 version. update 2.3.3 seems to correct the issue edit : finaly i still have the issue
  6. ok thank you. And if i start on the computer, but i do not log on, service mode will start or it will wait for first login ? and is it available for mac as well ?
  7. Hello, i'm a pro user and I've just updated to 2.3.0, and when i installed, i choose sync service. but i don't understand the pro and co, why choosing service more than usual installation ? How can i decide ? Thank you for your help.
  8. @RomanZ sorry i post this message on another topic, it was a mistake : "well it was the same ID, so i unlick all device, and then relink. Now it seems to work, new folders appears few time later." So now it's working, since i unlink and then relink. Would you like log anyway ?
  9. sorry i delet my post because it's an error, i wanted to post another place
  10. thank you. i've checked, and i have one identity. the fingerprint is the same on both A & B... i don't know if it's long to appear, but if i don't share the folder, it doesn't appear on other device., for std or advanced folder.
  11. Hello, i bought sync pro. since it's lifetime licence, i said before i would pay for it so i did. I have a question, maybe you've already talk about, but i didn't find anything : - i apply pro license on both of my computers - i have so in my devices my two computers - if i add a new advanced folder on A, B do not see the new folder, until a share the folder with owner persmissions. Like i have the same license and identity on both of my computer, why the new folder isn't shared automaticly, is it normal ? And by the way, is it possible to change the name identity ? thank you.
  12. @ChristianAverill thanks to have listen to us, i'm happy with this new version !
  13. @GreatMarko that is very cool ! i am ok with free version, but i'm am pretty sure to buy pro individual very soon !
  14. ok so if i want the fresh stable version, i would wait for auto update then ?
  15. Hello, why 2.1.2 & 2.1.3 are not pushed to auto-update ? i don't come here often, and so it doesn't update.
  16. So is there a test/compare pass to be sure the file has been copied the good way ?
  17. hello, i'd like to know if btsync is doint a simple copy or if it's checking files after copying ? I often have corrupted files, and can't revert good one. Like psd file, ae files (after effects) or more important, some encrypt sparsebundle files, that i share between a mac and a pc (on the pc it'"s not readable but it's for a backup). I tied to re open my sparsebundle, and now it's corrupted... so how files are copied ? thank you
  18. yes it's what i would to focus on : if a subscibe to a pro version of dropbox, i can share anything with any user, and no one need to buy a pro dropbox licence. As lots of people said here, i don't really agree with the price of pro features. Also if i finaly buy it, it would be really a shame that i can't share with anybody, and if it's just read only share files, i don't see why free users should subscribe to the pro licence. Well for me it's one more bad point for the pro licence... I think there is a lot of thing to think about, and staff should rethink of all the package, free or pro licences. if tomorrow i buy the pro licence, i really expect that i can share anything with anybody. i'm not sure that i have understand everything, but i'm pretty sure "iswrong" explain everything i have in my mind
  19. Hello, i'd like to know : if i subscribe to pro model, if i want to share files with free users, in read only, will free users will be authorize to add thoses folders, even if there free btsync has already 10 folders ? Cause, for exemple, i will have 20 or 30 folders to share with differents clients, but they will not want to buy btsync, because they do not need. But if they have already 10 folders what will happen ? thank you
  20. i do not agree when you say "now i can have all my file everywhere on my tablet". No you can't, if all your computers are down, and have just your tablet you can't. With dropbox you can. It is not a cloud service. I really like btsync, it open solutions of lots of problems i had, but it doen't deliver anything else than sync your own device, nothing more. When i leave home or office for a long time, i take my backup disc, where i sync with btsync. If my computer is down i can't sync anything else. If my home and office burn in the same time, well i've lost everything. Nothing compare to a cloud service or a backup service. I use btsync everydays, with 7 folders and about 2To in total. But for me the price is not equal to the job btsync does. As i said, maybe we pay for dev work, i understand, but for me it is to expensive for what it does compare to other service which needs lots of investment
  21. yes per machine, but for unlimited storage for each. Price is understandable. for btsync, honnestly i don't understand the price and why pay $40 each year, maybe for unlimited machine, but nothing else than software. Really, as public user, i would pay but for a more reasonnable price considering that it's just a soft and nothing more, no data space. It's a dropbox like but you have to get your own space, so it's not really a cloud, just a soft leave you the possibility of sync files.
  22. hello, i pay backblaze for unlimited backup storage, i use about 2 to. It's about $50 a year how to explain btsync is quite the same price just to use a software ? Pretty expensive as i use my own bandwith and storage. Backblaze has lot's of servers and needs lots of hard drives to save lots of bytes. I would pay a pro btsync license, but not as this price. It's just a sync tools, nothing more. So ok to pay, but in a raisonnable price, for public users. Maybe for pro it's ok, not to expensive for a company, even for a small one.