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  1. So on macOS multiple users can run their own installation of Sync since the configuration files are within each users ~/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync/ folder.

    Depending on how you set up your Linux configuration the same could apply for each individual Sync user. All that you can specify in the configuration file.

    Basically: on macOS you just install it for each user. Basic setup for Sync afterwards. For linux you would have to set up some config yourself since this can vary a lot depending on your setup.

  2. Well I can't speak for any vendor that produces software but from a Sysadmin perspective I can tell you that people try to install all kinds of software and especially Syncing software is a tricky thing. You won't know what data they sync off or on to corporate clients. That's why it is a security risk in some cases if you don't talk with your local IT department about it.

    If you show them what it's doing and why you need it, they will probably wanna check it out and install it for you.

    As a sysadmin: if you see P2P Traffic in your network and you don't know why it's there; that's bad. I can totally understand that as a normal user you wouldn't know all these aspects and don't need to know them. But you need to understand why certain things can't or won't be installed on corporate devices.

  3. On 12.10.2017 at 11:38 PM, Gordonh said:

    Machine that lost ID is running Win7-64-ULT, my machines running Win7-64-HomePrem, Win10-64-Pro, and Win10-64-Home are OK if that helps.

    Nope, doesn't help at all but if you experience any further issues please raise a support ticket if you can't seem to get Sync working again. 10GB is indexed pretty quick actually ;-)

  4. On 17.10.2017 at 7:20 PM, smoldersonline said:

    I thought I got it sorted (sort of). To further clarify: on Mac B, only Tom is running Sync. In the event Jerry has worked on folder X, I have to switch to Tom to sync folder X with Mac A. As I see it now, this is the only way this can work.

    This is correct. I would log out and not switch the user then you can make sure that the lock is removed 100%.

  5. Ok so when I read that right, you have a Folder on Mac B that you want to Sync between Tom and Jerry through the Mac A?

    Or is it that Mac A and Mac B with user Jerry have a Sync share and if you work with user Tom and need the new files to be synced you have to switch to user Jerry first?

    As I understand there is no way of having the Resilio Application run for all users on a Mac syncing the same folders but for different users.

  6. Well because what if your other peer checks out of the current branch and your client you are working on is currently in a file of another branch. I just don't think it is wise.

    Just let git commit changes and pull all infos itself. Git as is, is already complicated enough and if you add another layer that messes with it's data structure.. I am just not sure if that is wise. But I haven't tried it so.. if it is working for you then that's good.

  7. 15 hours ago, mr.canada said:

    how does this version differ from v2.5.10015 that was made available over the last week to address the problem of getting stuck with 100% cpu usage.  Is this the same version just promoted to Released status, or are there other difference?



    Have you tried giving it a shot and see if it fixed it for you? Since the old version is still available there is not really a reason not to try it out I guess :-)

    As with every company that ships a software product not all changes that will get merged in a new release make it to the public changelog.

  8. For the 301 I suspect auto redirect to https thus you get a moved permanently error. Can you provide us the output of your configuration file?

    But please make sure to take out any Share secrets and passwords or public IP adresses.

    For your connectivity options - make sure to be on the latest Version 2.5.3 which fixes connectivity issues.