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  1. As of right now your friends need the pro license to see the files prior to downloading them. IMO this is the wrong way. It should be that the person who has the pro license has more control over what files he shares with whom. So if 3 people have access to the same share I can deselect some files for 2 users and have the third only viewing one - but you can change it on the fly if you want to. And the question what happens after the trial expires I found out by searching the forums:
  2. If you are using 2.0 it does not matter if they are sfrom 1.3.X or 1.4.X or 2.X or any other kinds of shares it is 10 folders/shares.
  3. Well, I use 2.0 and I am quite happy with it - I use it on Windows, OS X, iOS and Linux. I also was happy with 1.4 and it served my purpose very well so.. I think you just have to test it out and find out for yourself what you think is best for your needs.
  4. The most stable version is currently the latest version which is 2.1.1 (51). I mean.. it always depends on what you are trying to achieve with BTS. Do you have more than 10 folders that you share? By that I mean in the BTS GUI are there more than 10 folders?
  5. Not really since it's pretty straight forward. Basically follow this article: That means that you basically create a read only share on your clients and then add them to the server. Most of the usecases are either documented there or already asked for here in the forums. So it is always worth a search.
  6. Yes it does not matter what version of BTS you are running they will talk over the LAN.
  7. You can create individual shared folders for each client. But this means that you would have a folder for each client on your server. They would not be able to access the same folder. BTS is by design that if you have multiple clients accessing the same share that they distribute the information amongst them. If you give each client a read-only link they would not sync data between each other and also not to the server. What are you trying to achieve, maybe if you explain it more I can better understand what advise is good for you. Also anybody else feel free to correct me if I missed something or if you have better ideas And yes, if you have clients on the same subnet in your LAN, BTS will transfer your data within the LAN and not through the internet.
  8. Try to disable "lan_encrypt_data" in preferences -> Advances -> More options... on each machine inside your LAN that uses BTS.
  9. Are you trying to download files from your NAS to your iOS device or the other way?
  10. Hey! I can't find out how to set a folder as encrypted. I can get a status of a share if it supports it but I could not find a boolean that says someting like "encrypt: true". Any tips?
  11. Sheesh had no idea.. well hopefully this project does not get put into trash :/
  12. IMO this still is the wrong direction. It should be that the pro user can select what he want's to share to each peer on selective basis. But I've mentioned it so many times and never got a clear answer other than it will be taken into consideration.
  13. Stupid IPSs that won't peer with other ISPs directly. You could get around that with VPN or a proxy?! But then you have the VPN gateway or proxy as your bottleneck ;D
  14. Actually, it is $39/year. Ugh.. I think you're a little bit confused. There was Alpha & Beta 1.X and and then there was the "final" release of BitTorrent Sync 2.0 as the first public release.
  15. If they are big folders they both machines with initialy index them and it will take some time to do so just keep that in mind.
  16. It depends on how the routing is. If your VPN is routing everything through VPN then discovery of other peers as well as data transfer will go through VPN. But even if VPN is off on all clients but have access to the internet they will be able to find each other and transfer data. Although that statement depends on how your network access is.. if you can't due to firewall rules etc then this is obvious that it is not working. And search LAN will mean that BitTorrent Sync is looking in it's own subnet for other peers that have BitTorrent Sync running. So there's that. Please correct me if I am wrong on this one.
  17. The interesting thing in BitTorrent Sync development as an application is that people don't see that it now works like dropbox. It has a home directory and from there you can share data by default. Just a thought put in words.
  18. Well have you at least tried it?
  19. Anything on this? Other than recreating and re-applying the license again?
  20. I can also verify that. One installation on one of my VPSs is still showing up.
  21. This is totally unrelated to the product BitTorrent Sync. Please search the internet. Or elsewhere.
  22. Crash: What OS are you running BitTorrent Sync on? The 32 bit secret system has been replaced by more secure way of sharing a share and having the conrol of how often you can use that link or who is trying to add a share and deny or allow that action. You can find out more in the help section of BitTorrent Sync: This article not also explains what the difference is but also how you can add a share with the legacy secret system:
  23. If you have a folder on pc a with data and copy it to another machine and add it to sync with the same link it's hashing it and that is all. It's not copying anything. It has to be in the same exact spot as on pc a and you're good.