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  1. Just because of the security bug fixes in Yosemity you should consider uprading your operating system.
  2. Re-install BitTorrent Sync on one device (preferebly the device where you don't want to keep the identity) and then follow this article
  3. If you have a device that you want to remove from your "My Devices" list you have to do it on the device itself. You cannot remove a device from that list if you're not doing it on the exact machine - as of right now that's how you do it. Open BitTorrent Sync - Options - My Devices - Click on THIS device that you're currently working on - Click unlink
  4. To give it another push I am creating a new post instead of updating the new one. Hazel now supports putting files into Photos app. Works perfectly together with BTSync IMHO. Test it out!
  5. You let sync finish backing up your files in the default Folder that BitTorrent Sync creates after linking it with your phone and then you can just move that folder somewhere else. BitTorrent Sync will follow that and nothing breaks sync wise.
  6. I would suggest giving Hazel a try. I use that software for these kind of purposes and it works very reliable. I don't think Sync would be the best solution for this kind of usage. But please bear with the dev:
  7. Because then you would have people changing their name the whole time and you could get confused who is who and if that person is who he says he is.
  8. It wouldnt make it any more or less secure since no traffic is routed through Bittorrent Inc. The relay server just tells your client HOW and WHERE to find it's peers.
  9. You can just rename the folder in Windows or Mac and move it around. BitTorrent Sync will follow wherever you put it. I wouldn't put it on a NAS or storage device that is temporarily connected but rather on your C:/ drive. On OS X it's different it shouldnt really matter
  10. I use Little Snitch for that purpose and I highly recommend it! It is not "pausing" BitTorrent Sync but rather denying, on a rule basis, if it lets traffic in or out your computer. BitTorrent Sync will act like it doesn't have a connection and so you can keep BitTorrent Sync out of the network traffic when you are in a location where you shouldnt use P2P protocols
  11. BitTorrent Sync 2.0 does not work with keys. It works with links and certificates. By default if you share a link you have to approve that person if he tries to join your share. If you are talking about 1.4 -> upgrade to 2.0
  12. Did you remove all files that have been in that folder before? BitTorrent Sync 2.0 does not work with previous versions. Try a completely new different folder.
  13. Make sure BitTorrent Sync does not run upon boot by going into the System Prefs -> Users & Groups -> Click on your account -> right windows click on "Login Items" tab and make sure to remove BitTorrent Sync if you see it there. Restart your machine and try de-installing the application by dragging it into the trash.
  14. This is represent in version 2.0.82 I have a Sync instance that is disconnected and shows a list of all the folders it can connect to. Instance A and B. Where A hosts the files and B is disconnected. They are both in the devices mesh. A: contains a share "temp" B: displays that share and offers to connect to it When you now change the name of that share on A to something else like "temp2", B is not updating this information. It is still showing "temp" as the folders name in the list of shares to connect to. Trying to force gather the updated share list by restarting Sync on B did not fix the issue. Also when adding a new machine to the mesh as Disconnected the old folder list, not the updated one, will be shown. The new device I added did not have any installation files left. This seems more like a bug to me.
  15. Pretty straight forward. It is not possible to unlink a device from the My Devices mesh if you don't have access to it. I for my self just updated to the newest version and wiped all but one of my machines BitTorrent Sync installation directory. Resulting in them now showing up as "duplicates" in the My Devices view after I reinstalled to the latest version. In the longterm this could be an issue especially in an environment where you have a lot of wiping devices and reinstalling them. This is true for the version 2.0.82. Maybe one has some little nifty trick to actually unlink them remotely, if so please share you're knowledge.
  16. I agree I also miss this little tick But I think I know what you mean and I wonder if it is still occuring in the latest version, which is 2.0.82 from this day.
  17. One reason not to update a field like this in "real time" is to use less CPU time. It is not nessesary to see the on the second correct speed IMHO and if you do want to see this there are built in tool in Windows or OS X that let you see excatly what is using how much bandwith. The status field, please someone correct me if this has changed, doesn't reflect anything if it is fully synced. It will be blank indicating that everything is syned.
  18. The costs are for one user. You have one identity and that can contain all your machines.
  19. You remove the folders in BitTorrent Sync, add them again and they should appear as normal 2.0 folders. Then you'd have to share them via the links to the peers you want to sync to.
  20. You can us dpkg-deb -R <.deb file> <destination>to unpack it and then you can put the new binaries in there and build it again by using dpkg-deb -b <folder> <new .deb file>Give that a try. Although I did see some weird things in the .deb file like files that get 777 access and stuff.. you might just want to look through everything and fix it properly.
  21. The only possible way I could find was to delete sync from those devices and create a new identity and connect the devices using the new key for linked devices. Right now it seems that there is no way to delete a device that is not the device your currently working on. Meaning: you can unlink a device by going into the My Devices settings and then click on the device that says "(this device)" and then on "Unlink this Device" But removing remote devices is not possible at them moment. Would be nice to have a functionality like that though...
  22. The iOS version to work with 2.0 is currently in public beta testing. I just hope that they will give an option to name the files whatever we want. Like mutie options on how to sequentially name them with a pattern..
  23. Please see documents in the forums regarding Bts 2.0 All of your questions will be answered there by reading the readme files and the introduction to 2.0